They say to never judge a book by it’s cover. Simple. Be open-minded. Okay. People fail to know the difference between kindness and rudeness. Negativity isn’t welcomed.  One of my pet peeves, is that I think a creative mind is a terrible thing to waste. I’m just trying to use mine as wisely as I can, and for great advantage. If you like what you view here, please don’t hesitate to leave a kind comment. Some of what you read in this section may be based on a true story. And may be incomplete, and for reason. If you have been here before, I hope you have enjoyed yourself and understand why… As always, I appreciate your interest of not only my life but into the depths of my authentic personality. Stay and be blessed.

F#%K BOi F@CT$: Girl$ Ju$t Being $illy!

It Happensssss!


The D.D. Chronicles:

The Delilah Series:

  • Redemption vs. Revenge
  • Vengeful Appetite
  • Infatuation Escape
  • The Sweetest Goodbye

Pretty Woman