Dreams And Schemes

Vanessa “Vanilla”, is the headlining dancer of the infamous Diamond Dolls Nightclub in Detroit, Michigan. She’s been working seven nights a week for the last ten years, and she’s been fed up with the life she’s been living. Not only because she’s had to dance for drunk, thirsty men every night. But she also manages a small department store, during the day. And having to deal with a loser, deadbeat for a boyfriend is probably the worst of it all. Vanilla has always been a natural born hustler, but she’s reaching an age where she’s ready to cash out and move on with her life. She and her friends devise a plan to get themselves out of the hood for good! But when things tend to go sour, as some of them become eagerly greedy, and relationships become disloyal, Vanilla is left to make a decision of choosing what’s best to do for herself, her friends, or have to face some serious consequences.

Vanilla finally was able to wipe the sweat off her body after a long day of work. She hated Sundays. Guys that attended the nightclub, were always more obnoxious. Most of them were creeps, perverts. They always wanted a little something extra. ‘Why?‘ She wondered to herself. ‘Pigs think they have God’s blessing to harass my nakedness?‘ She rolled her eyes in distress of her own thoughts.

She couldn’t wait to get her restless body into the comforts of her own home. Sundays meant a full wash day. She’d strip off all her clothes, let down her sweat soaked hair, and jump into a hot shower. She’d let the water run down her back for awhile, before massaging shampoo into her scalp. But she was stuck at the Diamond Dolls Nightclub until 2 o’clock in the morning, and it was only 12:45 AM.  Vanilla sucked it up and took private table dances for the remainder of the night.

Finally, at 2:15, after changing from her sweaty lingerie and into a black track suit, Vanilla packed her stripper shoes and sweaty clothes into her stripper bag, and pulled her purse from her locker. As she rummaged through her purse for her car keys, her boss, and owner of Diamond Dolls, Madam Mills, crept up behind her.

“You were great out there tonight.” Madam Mills complimented her. “So many of these guys love you, and you don’t even recognize it.

“I’m great every night.” Vanilla responded, putting her duffel bag onto her shoulder. “And I’ve told you a million times.. I don’t want any of these broke ass niggas!”



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