Flatliners Blog #understanding

Paper is so long these days.
I really hate tapping on my laptop.
Smartphones end up in failure.
Life is just dead.
When’s it going to happen?
Just saying what’s on my mind.
life. i just don’t get it
ITS CONFUSING #whyareyousocomplicated #itcanbesoeasy #butyouremakingithard
BUILT UP ANGER #mymistake #niggadamn
Have I just been wasting even more of my time? #aintthissomeshit?
So I was like, No No No, and 2 MONTHS WENT BY! #consequencesBITCH #sweetlillullabys #thingsarechangingaroundheremate
Because I still visualize art with words somehow in a field of drama ANYWAYS
Make it about me, if you want to.
Your ratchet ain’t better than my ratchet, OKAY!
Prescriptions. I really don’t think it’s the answer.
Jane. Jannnne. #llcj #llcooljaydddde
I swear. It feels pointless.
But I try to stay focused.
I know I’m working with it hear, and here
Visual on the prize.
Visual on the prize.
Visual on the prize.
Dollar $ign$
>>>>>> But I am not a rapper.

>>>i’m just making some noise

>>with the words i got spitting at you

>and i’m just typing on my device

>with just words

>listen i got a little flow

glow in the dark

i’m yellow

>boom boom

throwing lame bombs

i’m just bored what

else is there to do

but do what it do

where’s my notebook

and a pen


making beats in my head again just words

i think i’m killin IT

like a clown lol

ok i’m done


*****Shoutout to my best friend Chubbz, because he better be in the lab making me a beat. And this weather is NO JOk3! So bundle up. Becau$e I’m going to be making it $NOW!



Flatliners Blog #understanding

Protected: Will She Be Loved?

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Protected: Will She Be Loved?

I’m Different

So many ideas. So little time. Added some creative things to this little thing. Haven’t been in a writing mood. But I’ve been in great spirits. Surprisingly enough, I can finally WOOSAH for a moment. Been thinking about getting back into trying the whole YouTube gig. I’m diving for spotters. So far I only have my old trusty AJ. I been thinking about writing a tale about him in my Dyana series, but then again some things should be kept to myself. I rather spare those details for the camera life, if it ever happens. I am back to working on my updated portfolio. Of course, there’s a minor glitch. I found my SanDisk flash drive but my dumbass made all my vaults password protected, and I can’t figure out all of the passwords. Fuck my life! However, I was able to crack some of the codes and I found some of my other stories. Even after digging through a bunch of boxes and found old notebooks too. These stories on my flash drive, were the reasons I started taking my writing more seriously, way back when. So maybe I’ll double my recovery workload on adding more stories, content and blasting my ideas from outer space. Or my secret little world. My mind is on a whole new level. I hope everyone is tuned in to the show…

I’m Different

The Road to Recovery

Fighting depression, trying not to commit suicide in oncoming traffic, and holding back screams from the pain of cramps and an upcoming menstrual cycle… Life has been tough this past week. With following lame job leads, and attending the stupid monthly visit to the Man. I don’t know much worse my life could get. People thinking that I’m crazy, I decided to have a little movie marathon. Deep Cover, King of New York, Dog Day Afternoon, Scarface, Communion, and Beetlejuice. All powerful movies, with very convincing men in very insignificant situations. Especially in Communion. Why haven’t the aliens come for me yet? Bastards!

The plus side, I did meet someone new. And of course, I think he’s great. He made me laugh, which seems to be a hard thing to do these days. But with God’s awesome planning of life, there would be an issue. He was sent to me, only to leave me! Thanks to the European corruption of the United States, he’s being sent away. I promise to hold him down, but I fear my lifestyle will continue to drain me further into the gutter. Could I really keep him interested while he’s away? He says there’s no one else, but with my experiences with guys; statements that form from the mouth are usually false! And if it is true, can I narrow myself down to him? Situations like this makes my mind want to broaden my horizons and explore more options. But my heart, wants to settle. Hearts are stupid and so are the people that use them! Maybe that’s why people get stabbed in them often?

Because my heart has been stabbed, stomped, and kicked around so many times, I decided to add another story called Let Them Eat Cake. Based on true events, of course. There’s a little clip of one of my favorite chick flicks, Marie Antoinette. The way they lurk at each other, makes me think of a happier time. When things were good way back when. When I was able to smile and not have a single care in the world. Writing has been my way down the road to recovery. I hope someone accepts and appreciates it, like I do. Because I don’t know what else I can do to occupy the conflict between my heart and mind…

The Road to Recovery

More D.D. Chronicles

In typical Dyana fashion, she’s had an adventurously dangerous weekend. After spending time with her dudes, another real life story developed onto the literature page. The official page post is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:24AM, just in case it says the link isn’t found.

As I wrote, I couldn’t stop focusing on the past again! Rihanna’s Needed Me would come on and I’d want to relate! How could I give my all to a man who couldn’t give it in return? Now the only way I can see him is by viewing Facebook pages or reading Good Girl.

Why did he have to text and call me a few weeks back? Why did we have to argue? It’s not fair that he knows, that I know that he wants the both of us. I wonder if she knows. I’d be ok with it. I know she wouldn’t be! Little did she know she was sharing him for five years. Why doesn’t he want to leave? Why do I still feel so incomplete? Why does he invade my dreams but won’t face our reality?

Communication is hard when you don’t have the right words to form into a sentence. I just want him to listen and understand my frustration. And even if it never happens, I’ll always have paper and a pen at hand. One day soon, someone is gonna listen and get what he and everyone else has been missing!

More D.D. Chronicles

Spirits, Pen, and Paper

Been trying to let go of my past.
Hand my heart to God.
These devils won’t free me from the miserable Hell that I’m living.

After recent events in my life, I decided it was time to tell another tale of Dyana. She’s not finished, but she may shock the shit out of you. The way I’ve been carrying my notebook and pen, questioning and foreseeing the future, I still don’t understand why I’m not used to this shit yet. Made other miscellaneous updates as well. Browse around.

Living life is hard at all times. Even more when it comes unexpected. I’m glad I have this as an outlet to control my chaos. People tend to forget that “What happens in the dark, often comes to the light.

Spirits, Pen, and Paper