Flatliners Blog #understanding

Paper is so long these days.
I really hate tapping on my laptop.
Smartphones end up in failure.
Life is just dead.
When’s it going to happen?
Just saying what’s on my mind.
life. i just don’t get it
ITS CONFUSING #whyareyousocomplicated #itcanbesoeasy #butyouremakingithard
BUILT UP ANGER #mymistake #niggadamn
Have I just been wasting even more of my time? #aintthissomeshit?
So I was like, No No No, and 2 MONTHS WENT BY! #consequencesBITCH #sweetlillullabys #thingsarechangingaroundheremate
Because I still visualize art with words somehow in a field of drama ANYWAYS
Make it about me, if you want to.
Your ratchet ain’t better than my ratchet, OKAY!
Prescriptions. I really don’t think it’s the answer.
Jane. Jannnne. #llcj #llcooljaydddde
I swear. It feels pointless.
But I try to stay focused.
I know I’m working with it hear, and here
Visual on the prize.
Visual on the prize.
Visual on the prize.
Dollar $ign$
>>>>>> But I am not a rapper.

>>>i’m just making some noise

>>with the words i got spitting at you

>and i’m just typing on my device

>with just words

>listen i got a little flow

glow in the dark

i’m yellow

>boom boom

throwing lame bombs

i’m just bored what

else is there to do

but do what it do

where’s my notebook

and a pen


making beats in my head again just words

i think i’m killin IT

like a clown lol

ok i’m done


*****Shoutout to my best friend Chubbz, because he better be in the lab making me a beat. And this weather is NO JOk3! So bundle up. Becau$e I’m going to be making it $NOW!



Flatliners Blog #understanding

I Got The Power!

I’m shocked at how things have been turning out. I almost hit the bottom, last week. But then I remembered that I am the shit! I have to remember that I am the shit! I have to have more power in my life. If I allowed everyone to know that they got under my skin, they win. And after watching Laura Govan’s episode of Iylana’s Fix My Life, I’ve learned that instead of wanting to control, I should want to be in charge! Ouuu! Everyone wants control, but don’t want to be in charge! What a fucked up lesson to learn, and on television, eh?! Even though, I knew I was already the head motherfucker in charge, now, I’ve got to prove it. And I’m going to. I finally got myself a new place of employment. *crosses fingers* I have my “relationships” going in the right directions. Yes, no strings or feelings attached. I feel not only a sense of empowerment, but some freedom.

Of course, I do tend to have my setback thoughts and think about that idiot fuckhead. But I’m not going to fall through with my petty impulses. I’m just going to focus on my music, my writing, and my photography. I’m going to focus on the things that interest me. I’m going to stop looking for things that need to come and find me. I’m going to actually start living. I want to live life. Something I never really experienced because I’ve been drowned in utter darkness for so long. But all of that is over. I’m going to free my mind and let the rest follow. *dances to En Vogue*

And If you don’t like the new Cool Jaydddde, guess what, your loss because this Jaydddde is the motherfucking shit and a boss bitch! Watch out for these bad bitches!

I Got The Power!