Good Girl

We pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. Immediately parking in a vacant spot towards the end of the parking lot, he turned off his car’s engine. “I’m going to get the key. I’ll be right back.” He kisses me before he jumps out the car. I put down the visor mirror and check my reflection. Hair and makeup on ‘stunning’. I see Daddy’s shadow coming back around the car. He opens the driver’s door and gets back in. “You ready, baby?” He asks, grabbing his backpack from the backseat. “Yes.” I respond, picking up my overnight luggage bag and the birthday gift bag with the special present I got for my Daddy. We both exit the car and I follow behind him, towards our room. He unlocks the door and we enter the hotel room. He switches on the lights and we place our bags onto the bed. I examine the room. Big bed, dresser, television hanging over, mini refrigerator to the right, then a wide Jacuzzi with a mirror background. I smile. I already had plans brewing in my head. Daddy rummages his Playstation out of his backpack, to hook it up to the television and play some music. I was ready to make my Daddy happy. It was his twenty-seventh birthday after all. And I know how stressful his life truly is between loving me and loving his small family. I didn’t want to worry about that tonight. Daddy knows that I love him regardless. “I’ll be right back, bae.” I say, as I grabbed my overnight bag and walk into the bathroom for some privacy.

I give myself fifteen minutes of privacy. I take off my black high heels, black silk dressy pants and my white button up blouse, which was midway buttoned up to reveal my busty chest. I review my body’s reflection in the mirror, over the sink. My breasts were busting out of my bra and my cheeks looked so adorable in my thong. I caress my body, wishing Daddy were in here to bend me over the sink and holding one of my legs up, getting me moist. But there would be time for that. I finish undressing out of my underwear and into my first birthday present for him. An all black one-piece lace lingerie set, with a sneak peek to my belly button. My breast exploding out of the top, I twirl around to review my reflection once more. Adjusting and pulling where I need to remove cling. I giggle at myself. ‘Daddy is going to love me even more after tonight!’, I think to myself. I hang in there for a few minutes longer, hoping he has braced himself. I know he’s going to enjoy tonight.

I swing open the bathroom door. He’s finally got the music playing. I place my luggage bag onto a sofa near the bathroom and walk over to the bed, and pick up the other present I got him. “Oh, you changed up on me?” He compliments my lingerie. “What do you think?” I ask. He looks me up and down and smiles. “Ohhh yeah, I like that!” He responds. I giggle like a little girl. “Well I wanted you to feel special on your special day.” I say as I pass my gift to him. “Happy birthday baby. I hope you like it.” He takes the gift bag, and takes a seat on the sofa. He opens the bag and pulls out a bottle of Hennessy, a bottle of vanilla scented body wash, and a birthday card. I sit on the bed and watch him. He rips the envelope open and reads the card. I hope you knows I mean every word. “Thank you baby.” He smiles. “What’s the body wash for?” I get off the bed, and walk over to him. I kiss and suck on his huge lips and steal the body wash from his hands. I turn around and turn the hot water on to the Jacuzzi and began forming vanilla scented bubbles. Daddy comes up behind me and sucks on my neck, which makes me feel warm and tingly all over. I pick my arm up and run my fingers through his long braids and moan into his embrace. He released his lips off my neck. “You want a shot?” He asked, in my ear. “Yeah, Mix mine with some soda.” I respond, focusing back onto the water. Testing the temperature with my fingertips, and adding more bubbles. I walked over to the bed and leaned on the edge, watching him pour us some drinks. He went through his backpack and pulled out a bottle of Moet, Kinky, and Coke. He poured a couple of shots into plastic cups. Next, he popped the cork on the bottle of Moet. I ducked my head from the loud noise and hoping the cork didn’t go flying far. The jacuzzi began overflowing with bubbles. I head over to shut the water off. Daddy pours two flutes of champagne and places them at the edge of the jacuzzi. He begins to undress himself. I watch him in excitement, as he pulls his boxers off. I review my reflection once more in the mirrors, behind the jacuzzi. Next, our eyes meet and he walks over to me. I hoped that he was reading my mind. He picked me up with my long legs dangling from his strong arms. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and I kiss his lips. I feel the heat rising from the water, near my toes. Our lips unlock, and I bounce into the bubbly bath. I watch Daddy climb in with me. As always, he was already erect and I was ready to satisfy my Daddy. I sit on his lap. “Happy birthday baby.” I kiss on his neck. “Thank you baby.” He kisses me back. “How’s your birthday going now?” I massage his chest with the bubbles. “I love it, bae.” He responds. “Let me tell you a secret baby.” I start to massage his erection with both my hands. “It has a couple of snaps on the bottom.” I inform him. He looks at me and smiles mischievously. “Oh really?” He asks in excitement and starts grabbing at my thick body. I bite my bottom lip and watch his hands explore my body. He squeezes my breasts kind of hard, but I like it. I love his hands on me. He grabs the back of my neck and brings it to his mouth and starts sucking on my neck. His sucking gets harder. It hurts, but I’m still in ecstasy. I feel his hands still roaming my body. I want to scream a moan, instead I continue stroking Daddy in my hand. “I want you to have the best birthday.” His lips and tongue release my neck. We briefly stare at each other. The water is warm, his body even hotter. My spot boiling in anticipation for the next move. “Damn, I want you, Dyana.” He unsnaps the bottom of my lingerie set, with enough force, water splashes both of our faces. I was so turned on. I love it when he takes control of the situation at hand. I giggle, and turn to grab our shots of Hennessy. We drink up and I toss my cup onto the floor, and I climb on top of Daddy. The warm water and his thick cock felt so soothing entering me, that I finally let out a moan. “You get your nut first baby.” He demanded. I began to ride him. Massaging his thick balls, as I motion myself in and out of the water. I know I’m sweating already, but I’m loving the heat. I pick my leg up onto the seat, and hop up and down on Daddy. I notice his eyes roll back. ‘Yeah, you’re loving it.’ I think to myself, and wishing I can read his mind, word for word. I keep riding and riding, water splashing, bubbles in the air. “Oh shit.” I breathed. My legs are shaking under the water, he grabs my thighs. I hold onto his shoulders. He slides his body down into the water and he moves deeper inside me. “Oh my God, Daddy.” I look down at him and smile. He sinks down more into the tub, that his entire body is in the water. Deeper inside he goes. I let out one more moan as I motion down as he motions up. “Good girl.” He says. I roll my eyes back. “I’m about to cum.” I inform. “Get that nut, girl.” He demands once more. I massage his balls once again. “Mmmm, cum with me Daddy. Please.” I pant. He grabs my hips and motions my body. The water is all over the place. Bubbles are disappearing. I bite my lip and pull on his braids. “Good fucking girl.” He moans. I keep going, I’m not ready to stop, even though I’m ready to cum. Legs still shaking, he grips my thighs hard under the water. “Oh my God.” I scream out. Daddy picks me up off of him. He gets out the water and sits on the edge of the tub. I sit in the water and brace myself. Leaning against the mirror, I shut my eyes. ‘WOW!’ I think to myself. I always have a great orgasm from my Daddy. But I want more as always. I open my eyes. Hes just sitting there. I open his legs and start massaging his still erect manhood with what bubbles were left in the tub. “You enjoying yourself, bae?” I ask. “Hell yeah!” he nods. I kiss the head of him. I look up at him. He’s looking down, watching me. I kiss it some more, this time putting it all in my mouth. I love to deep throat from the start. “Ughhhhh.” He lets out. ‘Yeah, you can’t be quiet when my lips and tongue are around that thing!” I think to myself. I giggle with him in my mouth, hoping it tickles the tip of his dick. “You having a happy birthday?” I ask, with him still in my mouth.” “Yes baby.” He moans. “You like how mami kisses that dick?” I suck out. “Yes baby.” He moans again. I release him from my mouth. I lift his dick and put his balls in my mouth, sucking each one like a jawbreaker. “Ooooh.” He moans. I nibble a bit, and I look up at him. His head rolls back. I wonder if he knows how much I love him. How much I want him inside me again. How many positions I want him to put me in tonight. How every time he says ‘good girl’, that I want him to spank me for being the bad bitch that I am. I release him from my lips, and continue to jerk him. “I want to ride him again, Daddy.” I beg. “I want more of those lips.” He suggests. “Ooohmmm.” I wink and flirt back. I put all of him back into my mouth, down into my throat. “Oooh FUCK!” He shouts. Sucking on it, like a cherry flavored Popsicle on a hot summer’s day, tickling the head with the back of my throat. “Damn baby.” He pants. I look up at him, and he’s watching me work his pole. One of my favorite song’s pop up in my mind.

‘Cause I love it when you’re looking down at me, I’m looking up at you
And I don’t give a damn shorty watch me knock your boots off

Still sucking on him and watching his eyes. I knew he couldn’t last much longer. He pulls himself out of my mouth. I sit up in the tub. He gets out and picks me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and kiss his lips. “I want you now, Daddy.” I whisper in his ear. “Take that shit off!” He demands, as he gently lands me on the bed. I take off my wet lingerie and throw it on the floor. I position myself further onto the bed. Daddy grabs the bottle of Hennessy and we both take another shot from the bottle. I open my legs and start to play with myself. I feel my kitty getting really wet. Of course, for Daddy it’s always wet. He gets into the bed and he looks like he’s ready to devour my whipped cream. He grabs both of my legs and motions my body towards his face. I continue tickling my clit, as he puts the tip of his tongue into my pussy hole. My left leg twitches. His tongue is thick and warm. He slaps my hand out of the way and takes complete eating control. I relax into the bed, now both legs are twitching. My eyes roll to the back of my skull. My hands are back in his braids, massaging his scalp vigorously. He’s got me so wet, super hot. I can’t hold in my moans any longer. My legs are shaking as if I’m having a seizure. “MMM DADDY! Daddy! Daddy!” I scream. “That’s right, let that shit out.” He says. “Oh my gosh, please don’t stop!” I beg. He continues his dessert, legs wrapped around his head to mellow my shakes. “Daddy, please. I want that dick.” I pant. He keeps licking and sucking on my kitty. I’m lost in temptation and ecstasy. “I want that daddy dick so bad!” I scream, as I pull down on his braids, so he gets the message. He finally comes up for air. He gets on top of me and spreads my legs East and West and enters my tight walls. “Mmm, damn!” I whisper. He thrusts into me hard. It feels good though. “Harder, Daddy.” I beg. And he does as I say and thrusts harder. “HARDER!” I scream. He penetrates me even harder. My eyes roll back. I can feel the liquor and Daddy are taking complete control of my body. “Mmm, I’m gonna tap out.” I moan. He keeps going. I wrap my legs around his body again, for tighter grip of him in me. Kitty begins to work her muscles. “Oh shit.” He moans in my ear. Kitty got wetter too. “Don’t stop!” I beg again. Moving in and out of me fast and slow, I feel kitty about to burst with cream. “Oh my God, Daddy.” I scream. “Harder and faster, please.” I continue to beg. He gives me what I want. But I still want more. I massage his scalp some more. He bites my neck and starts sucking. I let go, he’s won. I’m cumming. The liquor is swirling in my brain now. I let go of him. I’m passing out. He sits up, still stroking my kitty. “You ok, baby?” He asks. “No, don’t stop.” I say, as my eyes begin to doze off. He strokes me one more time. Damn him! He knocked me out. He slowly slides out of me. My head buries into the pillow. Next thing I know, it’s morning and we have to check out. Only my Daddy knows how to tame me. I wanted to be so bad and here he was, even badder.

Dirty Dyana


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