“It’s Always Something”

You’ll never make me stay; So take your weight off of me
I know your every move; So won’t you just let me be
I’ve been here times before; But I was too blind to see
That you seduce every man; This time you won’t seduce me

She’s saying that’s ok; Hey baby, do what you please
I have the stuff that you want; I am the thing that you need
She looked me deep in the eyes; She’s touchin’ me so to start
She says there’s no turnin’ back; She trapped me in her heart

It was a dark, misty summer night, in the city. Dyana and her boyfriend D were out for another one of their adventurous rendezvous. At least, that was what Dyana was hoping for. But from the moment she entered D’s vehicle, Dyana thought the evening would most likely take a turn for the worse. D showed up intoxicated with a full styrofoam cup in the center. She’d been having a hard time in her relationship and a lot of things had been on her mind. She contemplated whether or not if it was a good time to relieve some stress off her shoulders. D was not always the easiest man to talk to, especially when alcohol in his system.

“The night is yours bae. I was thinking we just get a room and chill.” D recommended, then taking a sip of his alcoholic beverage.

Dyana looked over at D and was so turned off. She hated when he drank. And he drank often. “Yeah, we need to talk anyways.” She said.

D skidded in the road, spilling some of his drink on Dyana’s leg. “Talk?” He chuckled. “Talk about what?”

“UGHHH, D!” She jumped in the passenger seat, soaked. “Yes, talk.” She repeated, as she pulled a napkin out of her purse.

“My fault babe.” D said, pulling the car into an empty gas station. “I got a towel in the back.”

“Thanks.” She sighed heavily, rolling her eyes.

D pulled his car to the fourth pump, turned the engine off and exited the car. He opened the trunk and pulled out a towel. He handed Dyana the towel from the window, as he proceeded to enter the gas station. Dyana wiped the rest of the liquor off her leg and tossed the towel in the back seat. She turned down his stereo system. Then she took a big gulp from his cup. Hennessy, straight up. She smiled, glad that it wasn’t mixed with anything just yet. She knew how D liked to party in his free time. He never touched pills or drugs. His addictions were the bottle and women. D exited the mini mart of the gas station with a Coke, a dutch, and his wallet in his hand. He got back into the car and handed Dyana the dutch and soda. He placed his wallet back into his pocket, then began rummaging through the center of car. He pulled out a nice Ziplock bag full of green fluff, and passed it to Dyana.

“Before you start trippin, roll up babe.” D said, as he began to exit the car again to pump gas.

Dyana giggled. D was definitely aware of his girl and her jumpy attitude. It didn’t take much for them to make each other happy. Even though there were many problems within their relationship, they still had love for one another. Dyana opened the soda and took a quick sip, then rolled up a spliff. D got back into the car, he grabbed Dyana’s chin and placed a kiss on her plump lips. As his thick lips released hers, she looked at him and craved him. She felt herself get moist. But the night was still pretty young and she was going to make him work for the goodies tonight. D turned the engine back on and began pulling away from the gas station towards the freeway.

“Can we catch a movie or something?” Dyana asked, lighting up the blunt and adjusting the window.

“Come on, let’s just get this room. I got the Xbox and some movies. We gon have us time.” D explained.

“But that’s all we ever do now. We used to go out and have fun.” She exhaled smoke. “Now I see you, when I see you. You still out here with these broads.”

“Here we go with that shit again!” D turned up his stereo to tune Dyana out.

Dyana rolled her eyes and took another hit off the blunt. The conversation wasn’t over in her mind, and D knew that. But D wasn’t trying to ruin the night with an argument. He was really looking forward to being entertained by his favorite girl. D had plenty of girlfriends and some knew about each other, but Dyana was special. Very special. D and Dyana had demons in them that only each other could manage for one another. D continued the long drive out of town to their secret hideaway, periodically glancing over at Dyana. She looked beautiful as always, wearing black shorts and a flowy black button up blouse which was halfway unbuttoned to reveal her busty chest, makeup flawless, and her dark hair defined with loose pressed curls. D grabbed his cup of Henny and gulped it down.

“CAN YOU SLOW DOWN!” Dyana yelled, over the music. “Last thing we need is to be pulled over.”

D turned down the stereo. “You talking about my driving or my drinking?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

“Both! I can tell when you’ve had too much to drink. You start wildin out and it ain’t cute.” Dyana spat.

“Fuck you mean? I only had a couple cups. I’m good.” He spat back.

Dyana rolled her eyes at him again and inhaled more smoke.

“You got one more time to roll those eyes at me. See what I do!” He threatened.

Dyana ignored D and rolled her eyes again, looking out the window at the most recent exit sign. They were halfway towards their destination. D went to pinch Dyana in the breast, but Dyana slapped his hand away real quick.

“Will you stop playing around and pay attention to the fucking road!” She demanded.

“Lighten up baby. You always so tense. Daddy got this!” He said, placing his hand on her upper thigh. “Just be easy baby.”

“You play too much!” She argued.

“Come on, quit that hollering shit. You said you wanted to talk. We gon talk.” He said, glancing over at her. “The bottle is in the back seat, make Daddy another cup.”

“Wait til we get off the freeway or at least get to the room.”

“Why you gotta be so difficult?” He shouted.

Dyana heavily sighed, and unbuckled her seat belt and checked the backseat for the bottle of Hennessy. She picked it up off the back floor, and quickly sat back down in the passenger seat and refilled his cup. She placed the bottle by her feet and lit her blunt back up. Dyana was agitated at this point and needed to get faded. But she wasn’t about to let D ruin the night. She began scanning the playlist on his stereo and put on her favorite Lil Wayne song Lollipop and rapped in her seat. D looked over at his girl, glad she was trying to relax. He winked at her and she giggled. As the song changed to Miguel’s Sure Thing, their journey on the freeway ended. He stopped at the light, turned down the stereo, and took another sip from his cup.

“So what’s the topic of discussion tonight?” He leaned over for a kiss.

Dyana pressed her hand against his chest. “I really don’t want to fight.”

“Lay it on Daddy.” He grabbed her face and kissed her lips.

She pulled away. “I think we need some space.”

D looked at her stunned. “Space? Fuck you mean, yo?” He asked.

“Well, I’m going out of town for awhile.” Dyana explained.

“The fuck? You leaving to be with some nigga or something?” He asked, steering the car in the direction towards the hotel, passing by the familiar businesses and shopping centers.

Dyana rolled her eyes. “I’m spending time with family.” She said.

D slapped Dyana in the face. “What I tell you about rolling ya fucking eyes?” He yelled.

Dyana hit him back, then rubbed her cheek. “Don’t put your hands on me again! I told you about that shit, D!” She yelled.

“Fuck all that shit! You sneak around and do dumb shit. Who’s the nigga?” He quizzed her.

“I’m a see my dad’s family.” She insisted. “Alright? Cool it.”

Dyana relaxed back into the passenger seat. D kept checking out her demeanor. Something about what she was saying, wasn’t right. She had to be up to something. D began to swerve to the other side of the road, shaking back into the right lane. Dyana looked over at him. D was clearly fucked up.

“Can I drive?” She asked.

D rubbed his eye. “No, we’re almost there.”

D needed to get answers from her. D knew things about Dyana, that she thought she kept a secret.

“So you cutting a nigga off?” He pressed.

“Because I want to see my family?” She sneered. “What’s up your ass tonight?”

“How long you plan on going? Where you staying? Who you staying with?” He questioned. “These are things I should know. Just in case, Daddy wants to make his rounds.”

“Who said you were invited?” She snorted. “I need time to breath too.”

“Sounds like you don’t want to tell me. Its ’cause you fuck with these pussy niggas.”

“If I got all these niggas, maybe I should just cut you.” She teased.

“Cut me? Here I am, trying to show you a good time tonight and you want to cut me?” He laughed, and completely took his eyes off the road, almost colliding into an oncoming car.

“God, will you focus on the road!” Dyana shouted.

“Shut up. I’m fine.” He said, trying to straighten himself up.

“Drunk and hostile. A great way to start the night! ” She stated. “Let’s just finish this when we get the room.

“For what? We gonna end up having a shouting match anyways.” He screamed. “So you finna cut me?”

“I was just saying that to get under your skin. Relax.”

“I know you, Yana.” He said, tightly holding onto the steering wheel. “You stunt around with niggas who think they have a chance.”

“What’s it matter to you? You do the same with these broads.” She argued back.

“Whatever yo.” He continued speeding down the road. “I don’t want you to leave.”

“It’s just for a week.”

“Then pick some other week, not this week.”

“I’m going and that’s it.” She insisted, crossing her arms together.

“What I gotta do to make you change your mind, huh?” He asked. “Why you gotta go all of a sudden? You know, I need you.”

“You need me?” Dyana chuckled. “No, you want me when these other bitches can’t keep up! That’s when you need me.”

He smirked. “Least you know these bitches can’t fuck with you. I think I’ve stepped up a lot.”

“If cutting bitches and narrowing down to me and your baby moms is stepping up!” She pouted.

“Less lying and I slowed down on drinking. What else you want?”

Dyana chuckled, taunting D. “You’re fucked up right now.” She shook her head, staring at him in stupidity. “You got to grow up at some point, D!” She went off. “You do this shit all the time. You come and go as you like. I could drop you and you wouldn’t be able to handle it!”

“But baby, you and I both know you need me more than I need you.”

Dyana chuckled. “You really think I need you?” She continued to giggled. “What do you think I need you for?”

“To dig into that honey pot of gold!” He slurred, laughing devilishly. “YEEEEAH!”

Dyana kneeled in the passenger seat and leaned over towards D and whispered in his ear. “Oooh Daddy, I don’t need your help.” She said, licking the inside of his ear. “I can do it all on my own just fine.” She sucked on his ear lobe and began massaging at his crotch through his pants.

He pulled his face away from her. She released him and crept back into the seat. D snarled over at Dyana. She was fucking with him. But D liked playing the games too.

“Yeah, until I have your legs soaring into the sky and I have to cover that pretty mouth because you wanna be loud.” He taunted.

“You’re not the only man who can build a fire!” She teased him back.

“I’m the pussy killer. I savage that kitty kat to pieces.” He pressed her.

She leaned back over towards D and ran her hand down his sweatpants grabbing at his dick and balls. “And I’m the itch you can’t scratch, Daddy.” She sucked on his neck, tasting his cologne. Giggling as she massaged his erect shaft.

D was pretty fucked up, horny, and getting pissed. Dyana was attacking his ego, and he hated that. She was always right, and calculated. And she had a fucked up way of expressing it. Just as he did. One of the reasons why she was his favorite girl. She was able to keep up the pace. She let him go and positioned herself back in her seat.

“Why’d you do that?” He chuckled, to play it cool. “It’s shit like that makes me think you’re up to no good.” He adjusted himself in the seat.

“Why be jealous when you have no reason to be?” She said, batting her lashes.

He looked over at her sternly. Dyana was definitely on her A game tonight and D wasn’t happy. His temper was boiling with every rude remark she made. She continued laughing at D.

“Bitch!” He shoved her back in the seat.

Dyana shoved him back, that he made the car swerve.

“Quit putting your hands on me! I’m not gonna tell you again!” She shouted with all her strength. “The world’s not suppose to revolve around you.” She began to rant. “I can choose to walk away whenever, and that scares you!”

“But you won’t go and that’s the end of it!” He suggested.

“Foolish.” She shot back, glancing outside the window, now realizing they surpassed the hotel. “Babe, slow down. We passed the hotel.”

D pulled the car over and scowled at her. Dyana looked over at D and realized that his demeanor had changed. He looked slightly deranged. He turned off the car’s engine. She leaned over to him and tried to kiss his neck, to relax him, but he brushed her off him. D’s temper was at a seventy out of one hundred.

“Real shit, you live off testing me?” He asked.

“You make it so easy, I can’t help myself sometimes.” She mocked him, giggling.

D slapped Dyana in the face with all his force. “You’re one disrespectful bitch, you know that?”

Dyana tried to hit him back, but he blocked every swing until she gave up. “Why can’t you just be cool for one night?” She crossed her arms.

Because D was so enraged, he figured it was time to drop some knowledge on her front door step. He’d been noticing a change in his girl, and he wasn’t liking it one bit.

“Okay, how about I lay down these facts then?!” He tightly gripped her arms. “You been out there with Alana again. You know how she roll and you don’t need to be rolling with her.”

“You really bitching for real?” She sucked her teeth and tried to get out of D’s grasp.

“I saw yall at the bar on the Ave talking to some yellow nigga all night.”

Dyana shook her head and rolled her eyes. “You didn’t see me on the Ave.”

“You was at the spot. And you looked right at me.”

“Well, it’s not like you were speaking to me. So I did my own thing.” She broke her arms free.

“You fucked that nigga?” He asked, getting into her face. “And don’t lie about it. Because I know you did.”

“NO!” She shoved D away from her. “I did not!”

“That’s your homegirl’s friend, not yours.” He pointed in her face. “Better recognize. And let me find out you touching that coke shit again. We gonna have a problem.”

“You got some nerve as drunk as you are!”

D grabbed her by the collar of her blouse. “You’re gonna quit talking to me any kind of way, stop fighting, and learn to do as I say.” He tossed her into the seat.

“You always come side ways with some weak shit. Like you’re innocent of shit.” She reminded him.

“And you suppose to hold a nigga down.”

“I’m not allowed to have fun?” She asked.

“These scrub ass niggas? At least get a nigga on my level.”

“Why do I need two niggas who don’t treat me right, when I can find one nigga who wants to?”

“You not gonna find a cornball like that out here. You might as well kick it with Daddy and fuck up the world with me.” He said, starting the car back up, turning the car around, heading back down the road towards the hotel.

Dyana shook her head in disgrace. D was a screwed up individual. Malicious, manipulative, and conniving. But for some reason, Dyana found some dumb enough reason to care about this man. She stuck around way too long, hoping one day he would end his childish antics. As time progressed, Dyana was growing more impatient. She couldn’t wait to sneak out of town. Secretly, she was about to get away to pursue trouble with her friend Alana. And would be temporarily free of D and his drama. All she had to do was play nice with him for the night. But of course, he was being a pain in the ass, trying to get the truth out of her.

“You and Alana out there fucking and robbing niggas!” He claimed.

Dyana looked at D surprised as hell. Her eyes were wide and connected to his. He looked over at her viciously. A little hazily, but the evil was there.

“Yeah, baby. I got eyes on you.” He smiled. “Every move you make, I know about it.”

“OK, so I scammed some niggas.” She confessed. “I was just making some extra paper.”

“I don’t give a fuck! I’ma snap your neck with my bare hands!” He scolded. “Don’t hang with her. Don’t make me tell you again!”

“So is that your kind way of saying you actually care if something happens to me?” She asked, being sassy.

“You think you’re smart shit? Keep on with that mouth!”

Dyana mumbled under her breath. D slammed down on the brakes, and slapped Dyana in the face, again. She went to punch him back, but D grabbed her arm and grabbed the other and held her down. Pressing her hard into the seat. Dyana tried to break away, but he was heavier than her.

“Listen to me. I catch you or hear you with her, I’m gonna do more than beat the shit out of you.” He slapped her once more. “I wish you would try to cut me. You’ll have to beg for it back, babygirl!”

“Let go of me.” She screamed, trying to fight him off.

D grabbed her face. “You’re not going out of town.  You’re done hanging with that girl. Do I make myself clear?”

“FINE!” She pushed him away from her.

“Fix yourself up and get right.” He demanded.

Dyana adjusted herself in the seat again. “I don’t want to be in the same room as you!” A tear ran down her cheek, and she quickly swiped it away.

“You don’t have a choice, princess.” He pulled the car off really fast, then turned into a Wendy’s drive thru and ordered them some food.

Dyana sighed heavily, then checked her reflection in the mirror. She shook and ran her fingers through her hair and fixed her clothing. D pulled towards the end of the drive thru to pay the girl and get the food. Dyana rolled up her window. D threw the food at her, and quickly merged out of the drive thru down the road towards their hotel. He turned the stereo back up, blasting Gucci Mane’s Freaky Girl and pressed the gas hard. Dyana noticed he was still angry and looked irrational. She was slightly petrified. He was driving incredibly fast, merging in and out of two lanes. Dyana felt her nerves getting jumpy. They were on a very slippery rural road, and the way D was driving, they could collide into a random car, or glide off the road, at any second. She tried to massage his arm and D pushed her away. They drove over a huge pothole in the road. One of the tires popped and D, swerved the car right into a cement building, smashing and totaling the car. The windshield crumbled to pieces and glass shattered everywhere. The airbags expanded and held D upright in the driver’s seat and squeezed Dyana into the seat, with a broken neck. Blood dripped out of her nose and she lost consciousness on sight. Help arrived nearly a hour later.

     One Year Later.
Clocking out of work, as a painter and carpenter, Julian McAllister got into his Acura and proceeded to his favorite food market. As he pulled into the parking lot, he noticed an unfamiliar girl with dark sunglasses, walking into the food market. He shut off the car’s engine, grabbed his wallet from the glove compartment and entered the store. There were a few other customers in the store and in line, at the register. Julian browsed the store for a bag of potato chips and a drink. He noticed the same girl, browsing the drinks inside the refrigerators. She pulled out a one-liter bottle of Sprite and headed towards the register. Julian watched her hips sway, as she walked away. He walked over to the same refrigerator and grabbed himself a Sprite also and caught the line, before it got too long. More customers entered the store, as one would exit. Julian watched the owner of the market, talking and distributing tobacco products per customer, behind the counter. He looked back into the line and noticed that the girl with the sunglasses kept checking her watch, as if she were in a hurry. Finally, her turn in line, she placed her items on the counter, requested tobacco products, paid with cash, grabbed her bag and quickly exited the store. Julian walked up to the counter, watching her flee. He placed his chips and soda onto the counter.

“She was in quite a hurry, huh, Rog?” Julian made small conversation, with the market owner, Roger.

“Must be passing through, son. She city folk.” Roger predicted, with his country accent.

“Hmm, you don’t say.  Let me get the three Dutch master’s and a light.” Julian opened his wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and placed it on the counter.

Roger bagged up his items, took the money and returned Julian’s change.

“See ya tomorrow, man.” Julian said, grabbing his purchase and exiting the store.

He browsed around the parking lot to spot the infamous girl, to no avail. He proceeded to his car and drove off.

Around the same time, the next afternoon, Julian pulled up in front of the small town grocery, for his usual purchases. He looked around the parking lot, it was fairly empty. He entered the store, picking up a bag of chips then heading to the drinks. He hadn’t noticed before, but the same girl was back, shopping. She was dressed for the country weather, wearing ripped skinny jeans, which hugged her curvy body and a black tank top, with flat black strappy sandals. She held a black leather purse with fringes, in her arm and her sunglasses were darker than the ones she wore the day before. Julian thought her body was nice and thick. He wanted a closer look at her face, but her glasses covered her face. She moved closer towards Julian in the aisle, looking into the refrigerators.

“Excuse me.” She mumbled.

Julian stepped aside and let her pass. She opened a fridge door and pulled out an A&W cream soda and proceeded towards the cash register. Julian quickly pulled a Sprite from the refrigerator and got in line, behind her. She approached the counter and placed her items down and requested a Dutch. She rummaged through her leather bag and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and her cell phone. Julian observed her laid back movements, then noticed how elegantly sweet she smelled. She turned around, as she placed her purse onto her shoulder, to see Julian staring at her. She smiled at him and quickly focused back on her transaction. The store clerk, returned her change. She snatched her bag and rushed out the store. Julian stepped up to the counter, placing his items down on it, and watching her flee again. He requested a Dutch from the clerk, then pulled a twenty dollar bill out his wallet and placed it down on the counter. The clerk bagged his purchase and returned his change. He grabbed his change and bag, then exited the store. To his surprise, the infamous girl was still outside, walking towards the roadside. Julian walked to his Acura and entered. He stared at her through his rear view mirror. She paced back and forth along the sidewalk, with her cell phone to her ear. Julian placed his bag in the passenger seat and his wallet back into the glove compartment. Then putting his key in the ignition. He looked into the mirror again, she hung up her cell phone and continued her pacing. Julian turned his car off and got out and he decided to walk over to her to introduce himself.

“I’m sorry to bother you.” Julian said. “But do you need a ride?”

She flipped her hair and quickly turned around to face Julian. Her dark sunglasses were above her forehead, revealing the most sparkling hazel eyes. Shocked, because she was surprised to see him standing there, she dropped her bag from the market. She and Julian went to grab for it. Julian got to it first and picked it up off the ground.

“I didn’t mean to startle you.” He handed her the bag.

“I didn’t hear you come up behind me. Sorry.” She smiled, shyly. “Thanks.”

“You lost or something?”

“What makes you think that I’m lost?” She said, hiding her eyes behind her sunglasses again.

“It’s a small town. I’ve never seen you around before.” He admitted.

She pulled her purse off her shoulder and shoved her cell phone in it. “Well, I don’t think my ride is coming at all, now.” She said, going through her bag from the store pulling out her drink.

“Which way you headed? I don’t mind taking you.” He uttered.

“Thanks, but like you said, I don’t know you.”

“Sorry.” He let out his hand for a shake. “Julian.”

“Dyana.” She shook his hand back. “I’m still not sure. I was planning on prancing around the countryside, getting high as a kite.” She joked and smiled, letting go of his hand.

Julian laughed. A sarcastic and sassy goddess was in his presence. He instantly liked her even more. He was intrigued to get to know this girl. He had to.

“Well, are you in a rush to prance along the countryside? I can take you to a cool hang out spot where they don’t care if we smoke.”

“You’re telling me that this dump actually has a place where it’s cool to smoke inside?” She asked, in amazement.

“Yeah, good music, play pool, we can get a beer, some wings.”

“Maybe next time, playboy.” She turned around and began to walk up the road.

“At least, let me give you a ride.” He chased after her. “I’d feel better knowing you weren’t walking along these dangerous dirt roads.”

Dyana stopped walking and turned around. “You’ll take me exactly where I need to go?” She asked, shifting her shades down her nose. “And your hands will stay to yourself?!” She pressed.

“Hands to myself and straight to your destination!” He said, placing his arms up, as if in defense.

Dyana contemplated a decision in her head. She looked up and down at Julian. She thought he was very handsome. He was a little over six feet, looked as if he was mixed with black and white, and unshaven. He looked slightly tired, as if he had just gotten off work. She smiled at him and figured he was harmless.

“I promise, I’m a good guy.” He insisted.

“Well…” She hesitated. “…Lead me to my chariot.”

Julian smiled and proceeded back to his car. Dyana followed behind him. He walked over to the passenger door, unlocked and opened the door, then cleared the seat for her. She got in and adjusted her sunglasses back onto her face. Julian went around the car, got in and started the engine.

“Where to, Miss Dyana?” He asked her.

“Downtown to the train station.”

He pulled out of the parking lot and started heading towards the train station downtown. He cracked the windows down and turned his stereo system up to Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album. Dyana bopped her head to the music, looking over at Julian again. He didn’t seem like a typical country guy. He looked a little rough around the edges. He looked as if he cleaned up very nicely, given the opportunity. She watched him rap along with Jigga, and she instantly liked his vibe.

“So you smoke, right?” She asked, searching the inside of her purse.

“Yeah.” He pulled his car stash out from the side of his seat. “I have some dutch’s in my bag down there.

“I still don’t know you like that, man!” She pulled a nice sandwich ziploc bag of spinach from her purse, and began to break and roll up on a dollar bill. “I don’t know how you float yet.” She admitted, flirting.

Julian was shocked at what she was doing, but played it cool. Her weed smelled better than his. She had something exotic and he knew he was going to get to like her a lot.

“So where are you from, that you need to take the train all the way out here?” Julian asked, watching her crush and roll weed.

“Up north.” She said, very nonchalant.

“OK.” He didn’t press, focusing back on the road. “How old are you? Can I know that?”

“Twenty-four.” She sealed the blunt close. “And you?”

“Twenty-seven in October.”

“And what do you for a living, Julian?”

“Technically, I’m a carpenter. But I’m working on being a full-time construction worker and welder. Building houses and businesses from the ground up.”

“Impressive. I thought you would’ve been a cop or something. But I’m more flattered that you’re not.” She joked.

“You’re very sassy.” He let slip out.

Dyana looked over at him, raising her eyebrow and smiling. “Nothing gets pass you, huh?” She pulled a lighter out of her pants pocket. “You smoke in the car?”

He nodded yes. She removed her sunglasses completely off her face and placed them in her lap, then lit the blunt. She inhaled the smoke and exhaled out her nose. She took a few more hits then passed it to Julian. He inhaled and exhaled the smoke. He choked a little and coughed. Dyana looked over at him and giggled.

“White Willow.” She smirked.

“The exotic shit doesn’t come through here often.” He passed the blunt back. “Me and my boys grow ours.”

“Really?” Dyana asked, interested. “Well then it was fate for us to meet.” She smiled with both, her mouth and eyes.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I’m a stoner.” She giggled. “And I like other stoners.”

Julian glanced at Dyana. Her hazel eyes were mesmerizing and her smile was delightful.

“That place you mentioned before, is it close by?” She asked.

“Yeah, about another quarter mile out.” He answered.

“We should get that drink then.” She insisted.

“You sure?” He hesitated. “What about your train?”

“The last one is at midnight.” She flirted. “So you gonna buy me that drink?”

Julian liked how composed and relaxed Dyana was. She wasn’t like the other girls in town and he liked that a lot. He took a sharp turn down the road. Dyana continued smoking weed and observing the scenery towards the bar.

After awhile, Julian pulled the car into the dirt lot of Bud’s Turnpike Bar and parked away from the building. Dyana passed the blunt back to Julian, as he shut the engine off. Dyana checked her reflection in the mirror and racked her hair with her fingers. Julian watched her adjust herself and mingle through her purse. Julian tossed the roach into his ashtray, grabbed his wallet out of the glove compartment. Then they both exited the car. Walking towards the entrance of the bar, Julian watched how Dyana’s curvy body swung, as she walked. She glanced over at him and caught him staring at her. Julian tried to play it off, but it was too late. She smiled and giggled. Julian held the door open as she entered. Dyana observed the bar. It was still relatively early in the afternoon, so it wasn’t crowded. The bar was a pretty huge space. The walls were painted a dark red, there were bar tables along every wall and several pool tables in the center of the room. And the stench of weed filled the room. Julian walked over to the bar and Dyana followed behind him.

“Sup Bud?” Julian greeted, the bar owner.

“Julian, my main man!” Bud went to shake Julian’s hand. “What’s happening, brother?”

Bud looked like a hippie straight from the seventies. He had a long beard, wore a leather vest, which revealed his hairy chest, and red bandanna and biker jeans.

“Not much, just stopped by for some drinks.” Julian responded.

“Well, what can I get ya?” Bud asked.

Julian turned around and looked at Dyana. She was still looking around the bar, soaking up her impressions of the place. He didn’t want to interrupt her.

“Two Corona’s to start.” He ordered.

“You got it, bro.” Bud said, quickly grabbing the beers and opening the bottles. “Who’s the pretty lady?”

Dyana turned around, finally interacting in the conversation. She smiled. Julian passed her a beer.

“This is Dyana. She’s new in town..” Julian introduced them. “And this is Bud. Bud is the biggest stoner, I know, in town!”

“Nice to meet ya, darling.” Bud shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you, too.” She sipped her beer. “The place looks really chill, Bud.”

“Thanks, sweetheart. Lots of help from this guy here!” Bud said, tapping Julian’s shoulder.

“You did the construction?” She questioned Julian.

“Just knocked a few walls down, painted and changed the floors.” He sipped some of his beer. “The place has a little more space now.”

“Well, congratulations. Looks good.” Dyana complimented. “I’d like to know more.” She said, as she walked towards a pool table.

“She’s a hottie!” Bud whispered to Julian. “Go get her, tiger!” He smiled.

Julian followed behind Dyana. She placed her beer down on a pool table. Then chose a cue stick from the wall and tapped chalk on the tip of the stick. Julian pulled the balls from the socket and aligned them on the table, then chose himself a cue stick. Dyana grabbed her beer, and took another sip of it. Julian grabbed the cue ball and handed it to her.

“Ladies first.” He smiled.

Dyana took the challenge and broke the table, watching three balls fall into the sockets. Julian looked up from the table at Dyana. He was very impressed. She came off mysterious and different. Something refreshing in his life. Living in the moment. Dyana smiled as she motioned around the table to take another shot. Julian figured she was a tough girl but definitely knew how to play it cool. In his opinion, she was perfection. She shot another ball into the hole, claiming solids. She motioned by Julian to take her next shot. He stepped out her way, smelling her perfume again. It was sweet and sensual like fresh vanilla. She bent over the table, flipping her hair out of her face and took another shot, hitting one of her balls but missing the shot. She picked herself up and grabbed her bottle for another sip of beer.

“Your move.” She leaned her hip against the table.

Julian smiled and took his first shot potting two balls. Dyana watched him move around the table. He motioned around the table for his next shot, noticing Dyana watching him. He took his next shot and potted another ball. She took another sip from her bottle and kept her eyes on him and the game. They played an impressive first game of pool with silent flirtation, hypnotizing eye contact, irresistible smiles, and cheery giggles. Dyana won by default in Julian’s mind. She shined and played divine. After a couple more games, they began taking aim shots on the table.

“Where did you learn how to play?” Julian asked, breaking the new cue.

“My dad. Uncles. Cousins.” She smiled. “I always hung out with the guys.”

“I would have never guessed.” He said. “You definitely don’t look like one of the guys.” He slightly blushed. “You are absolutely stunning.”

Dyana felt red, feeling shy, yet comfortable around him. “Thank you.” She smiled.

“So what made you change your mind so quick?”

“About what? Coming here with you?” She smiled.

“Yeah. You seemed kind of…” He hesitated. “Uhh, busy!”

“Busy?” She questioned with a snobbish look. “No, just had prior engagements.”

“But instead you’re here.” He stated quizzically.

“I’m a go with the flow kinda girl.” She smirked, placing her hand on her hip. “I guess your energy and vibe feels cool.” She commented, fluttering her lashes.

“So you’re a free spirit with a wild heart?” He suggested.

Dyana was slightly stunned. She smirked and looked into Julian’s eyes. He was pretty smart, handsome, grown, and toned. He was a standing turn-on. He naturally understood her. She was impressed more and more by the minute. After a moment, she took her eyes off him and devoured the rest of her beer. Julian took notice and whistled to Bud, then put up a deuce, asking for two more beers. Dyana leaned herself and cue against the table, placing her hands in her pant pockets. Julian leaned his cue against the wall, and walked over towards her.

“What else catches your interest?” Julian asked, crossing his muscular arms together.

Dyana took notice of his flexing. “I like sports… Basketball, mostly. Cars, bikes, music, movies.” She paused. “I used to write.” She whispered.

“Wow.” He smiled. “A girl who likes cars and bikes. You ride?”

“Yeah, I used to.” She nodded.

Bud came over with two more opened beers, and placed them down on the pool table.

“You guys hungry?” Bud asked. “Sally and Roy are in the kitchen today.”

“An order of wings and fries.” Julian answered. “Uhh, Dyana, you want anything else?”

“Lots of ketchup for those fries, Bud.” Dyana joked.

“You got it, darling.” Bud said, walking off.

“What about you?” Dyana asked Julian.

“I’m a hands on guy. I like to build and fix things up. Houses, buildings, cars, trucks, bikes.” He took a sip of his beer. “My friends and I go camping and fishing. You ever been?”

“I went to New Hampshire, when I was a kid. Stayed in a cabin though.”She answered.

“Oh no, we go all out into the woods and pitch our tents. We stay pretty close to the lake, catch a lot of bass out there.” He explained. “We set up a camp fire. Bring a grill and make burgers and dogs. Beers, bongs, and we just chill.”

“Sounds like a blast.” She said. “Maybe one day, I’ll be able to take that trip with you.”

“I’d like to take you.” He insisted. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Dyana smiled. “Where are your friends?” She asked, grabbing a beer off the pool table and taking a sip.

“They’ll probably be around here later.” He suggested. “Barry is probably with his girlfriend Chasity. Josh, helps me fix up cars. And Sebastian, is just a cool ass white boy.”

Dyana chuckled. “Sounds like an odd gang.”

Julian laughed. “What are your folks like?”

“Mmmm…” She bounced her head from side to side. “Different.”

“You don’t like talking about you much, huh?” Julian observed.

“Not really.” She took a gulp of beer.

“Can I know why you’re here?” He asked curiously.

“My sister is in the hospital out here.”

“I’m sorry to hear.” He apologized. “I didn’t mean to pry.”

“It’s fine. You didn’t know.”

Dyana took another sip of her beer and walked towards a bar table and sat down in a stool seat. Julian followed behind. She placed her beer on the table. Julian leaned against the table.

“Is she going to be alright?” He asked, concerned.

“She’s actually in a coma.” She sighed. “The doctors think she’s completely brain dead.”

“Oh. Wow. I’m so sorry.” Julian stuttered. “I should really put my foot in my mouth.”

“It’s life.” She said, very nonchalant.

“Life can get better.” He said. “It’s what you make it.”

“And how’s life been for you?” Dyana asked.

“Not very tragic, but it’s had its ups and downs.” He admitted. “I’m sure if you continue seeing her and pray, things could get better.”

“Yeah.” She hesitated. “I’m sure you’re right.”

Bud came over to them with a plate of wings, french fries, and a bottle of ketchup. Dyana smiled at Bud.

“Two Sprites, please.” Julian requested. “Thanks, man.”

Bud tapped his hat and smiled back, then walked away, giving them privacy again.

“So…” Dyana tried changing the subject, and picking through the french fries. “You’re from here?”

“Born and raised.” He picked up a wing and took a couple of bites.

“And you’re not bored?” She bit into a french fry.

“There’s things to do.” He chewed. “It’s just done quietly.”

“Seems pretty calm, too.” She sipped her beer.

He shrugged. “Not much really happens here.”

“And everybody knows each other, too, huh?” She chewed on a couple more fries.

“It’s not that small.” He laughed.

“I’ve been in that kind of situation before. I never liked it.” She admitted.

“No offense, but you look like glam doll from the city.” He commented.

“I live in the city now. When I was a kid, I used to move around a lot.”


“Yeah, I’ve lived down South, but mostly up North.”

“You like traveling?” He picked up another wing.

“Love it. Gives me a chance to clear my mind.”

“Why’s that?” He chewed.

“The city is so loud and busy. It’s hard to be in your own world sometimes.” She expressed.

“So prancing along the countryside?” He raised an eyebrow. “That helps you clear up mental space?”

She giggled. “The first time I came here, I rode by this beautiful sunflower garden.” She grabbed a wing off the plate. “I was thinking about taking a visit.”

“Trespassing?” Julian joked, smiling.

“No.” She smiled and chewed. “I’d call it taking a peaceful peek into a field of really tall flowers.”

“Well everyone has fun in their own way.” He stated.

Bud came back and placed two cups of Sprite and ice on their table and walked away.

“At home, fun is going to a crowded bar where there’s bikers, beer, and piss on the walls. Brawls out in the streets, and fireworks at night.” She paused. “I’d prefer to take a hike any day.”

“We live in a crazy world.”

“Being away from things that you’re familiar to is like a taste of freedom.” She expressed.

“I never lived in a big city before. But based off the local news and movies, I could only imagine how wild one’s life could be going out that way.”

Dyana gulped down the rest of her beer.

“You live alone?” Julian asked, taking another sip of his beer.

“I was living with my sister.” She answered. “Then the accident happened.”

“Oh. Now she’s in the hospital.” He bit his lip, feeling awkward for bringing the conversation back to that.

“And a coma patient is kind of hard to move.”

“So then tell me…” He began, quickly changing the subject. “What would you do in that sunflower field?”

Her smile reappeared. “Lay under the sun, take off my sandals and bury my feet in the dirt.” She answered. “Relax. Meditate. Be one with nature.”

“You sound like an artist or photographer.” He mentioned. “My uncle works at the pharmacy and owns a green room. He talks a lot like you.”

“Oh really?” She smiled. “I used to do a little photography, actually.” She shrugged. “But it was no big deal.”

“Okay, confession time.” He cleared his throat, then smiling. “My friends and I used to have this rap group.” He chuckled at himself. “We thought we were slammin!” He emphasized. “Turned out we weren’t. So I’m sure your creativity skills are far more attractive than mine.”

“A rap group?” Dyana laughed. “Oh my God!” She continued to gag. “No, no, no. I have to hear you rhyme.”

“Nah, I’m not about to spit any hot fire!” He coughed, laughing, and chuckling.

“No way. I have to hear something.” She rubbed his hand. “Don’t be shy now.” She smiled.

Julian spit a little freestyle for her. Dyana smiled and bobbed her head to his lyrics. This guy was pretty cool. She liked how he kept his cool and held a decent conversation. Most people would have ran for the hills, but Julian wasn’t easily intimidated.

“Look at you!” She smiled. “Not bad.”

“What else are you good at?” Julian asked.

Dyana cleared her throat and smirked. Her mind took a disturbing left turn. She looked Julian in the face. She thought he was handsome. His beard was trimmed evenly and low. His lips were thick and pink. She looked into his eyes and they were locked onto her. He smiled at her, anticipating what she might say or do next. She enjoyed his sex appeal. His swag was right.

“If you play your cards right, maybe I’ll show you.” She winked and smiled at him.

“Well, in that case, how about I take you to another hang out spot?” He leaned forward. “It’s a great place to see the sunset.”

Dyana smiled, leaned back in her seat and crossed her arms together. “Very tempting, but not that impressive.” She bit on her bottom lip.

Julian chuckled. “Maybe on our real date, then?”

“Date?” Dyana giggled lowly.

“Yeah, take you on my dad’s boat.” He answered. “Take a few spins around the lake. Play some music.” He continued. “I could make a little food. Anything you’d like. Fish, steak, chicken, whatever.”

Dyana couldn’t believe the things Julian was telling her. This man was amazing. A real life Prince Charming, right in front of her face.

“A man that can cook?” She asked, surprised and gasping.

Julian chuckled. “Yeah.” He smiled. “I’m a man of many trades.”

“I could never turn down an offer like that.” She smirked.

“I didn’t think you would.” He flirted back.

“Unless, that’s a fancy way of saying McDonald’s and then some cheesy horror flick.” She joked again. She couldn’t resist the urge of being sarcastic.

“No, I don’t eat that garbage.” He smiled back.

“Good.” She said, rubbing her leg against his, under the table. “Then we might get along after all.”

Julian felt like she was willing to open up more. She didn’t let her guard completely down. And he liked that she kept control and maintained a cool composure. She wasn’t like other girls at all. They really were enjoying themselves. They continued talking and playing pool, on and off, for hours. Having smoke sessions and drinks in between. Soon after, the bar became mildly crowded. Some of Julian’s friends came through. He introduced them, but he focused all his attention on Dyana. Once the bar turned into full party mood, it was hard for them to talk. But they danced and kept having fun. Dyana never reminded Julian about catching the next train. She was having too much fun to care, and wanted to let the night play itself out. While they were in the middle of another lustful game of pool, Julian had gotten the courage to face Dyana and kiss her on the lips. She leaned against the pool table. He crept up on her and gently pecked her lips. She thought it was smooth and gentle, and hoped that he had more to come. But she continued her cool all night long. After losing track of time, a couple of cop cars parked outside of Bud’s Turnpike to shut it down. People were crowding the bar, closing tabs and putting down empty beer bottles. There were people rushing out of the bar, making the parking lot total chaos. After paying the tab, Julian grabbed Dyana’s hand and they walked towards his car.

“I swear. I didn’t mean for us to be out all night.” Julian confessed, opening the car door for her. She got inside. “You think there’s still another train?” He asked, before closing the door and circling the car to get in.

“Actually, that’s not what I was thinking about.” She whispered, leaning towards Julian, placing a kiss on his lips.

“What did you have in mind?” He asked, looking into her sparkling, hazel eyes.

Dyana grabbed Julian’s T-shirt collar, and pulled him closer to her and kissed him again. She sucked on his lips and slid her tongue in his mouth. Julian grabbed her face and attacked her tongue back with his. She tasted, as sweet as she smelled. They continued kissing, while cars were honking behind others to leave the bar. Dyana sucked on his bottom lip, and he moaned. She placed her hand on his chest and tried to pull him closer, but he remained a gentlemen. She continued kissing him and then pinching his nipples through his T-shirt. Julian cried out a moan. He knew what she was trying to do, but he was trying to take it slow.

“Baby, let’s get out of here.” He moaned, in between kisses. “I know a place that’s dark and quiet.”

Dyana kissed him again. “Take me away.” She flirted, adjusting back into her seat. She wiped her lips of his sweet spit, and ran her fingers through her hair.

Julian put the key in the ignition and started the engine. He turned to look at Dyana. She was already looking at him, smiling. He plugged an AUX cord into his cell phone. Avant’s song Read Your Mind began to play over his speakers. He looked back up at Dyana. He kissed her thick lips again, as the lyrics mentioned all the emotions they knew they were both feeling. He let her lips go, and adjusted himself back into his seat. He looked out the windows, noticing the parking lot was less condensed.

“You ready?” He asked.

Dyana bit down on her bottom lip and nodded yes. Julian smiled, and got them away from the bar. As Julian drove, and the music played, Dyana chilled in the seat, adorning him. She held his arm around hers and gently caressed his hand. They would glance at each other and smiled. Eventually, Julian turned the car down a dark dirt road. The only light that shone was from Julian’s headlights and the moon and stars above. There were a lot of trees, they were close to a forest.

“What’s this place?” Dyana asked, looking out the window.

“There’s a grass field down this road.” He answered. “A park, really. Not many people come up here at night.”

The music shuffled to Miguel’s Do You, and Dyana turned up the volume and began mouthing the words. Julian pulls into the field and parks the car in front of a huge tree with low enough branches, that it hid the small car. There were tons of trees lined up like this. Dyana thought the spot was perfect. Julian turned the engine off and watched Dyana admire the scenery.

“You like the spot?” He asked, lowering the music.

“Yeah.” She smiled. “That field does look amazing.” She said, looking out the back window. “Let’s take a walk.” She suggested.

“It’s getting chilly, girl.” He chuckled. “I’m not sure if I have a jacket in the trunk or in the back.”

He began to check his back seat, which was a little messy. Dyana tapped Julian’s shoulder. He quickly turned his head. She grabbed his face, and picked back up their kissing. He placed his right hand on the small of her back and the other on her leg. She gently bit his bottom lip. He went under her tank top and unhooked her bra. He moved his hands around and cupped each one, as he slipped his tongue deep into her mouth. She moaned, as he squeezed her nipples in between his fingers. She moved her hands under his T-shirt and she felt his muscular chest. She gently scratched on his abs and he let out a small moan. They continued kissing, and the car felt hot. Dyana pushed Julian off her. He settled back into his seat. Dyana pressed the window down a little. The music changed to Bruno Mars song Gorilla. Dyana leaned over towards Julian and began kissing him again.

“You don’t wanna slow down?” Julian asked.

Dyana ignored him and continued kissing him, and going back under his shirt. He ran his fingers into her long thick hair, and she roamed her hands going towards his crotch. She couldn’t feel if Julian was fully erect through his jeans, so she began unzipping them. Julian tried to move her hand away, but Dyana brushed him away. She sucked on his lip, and slowly moved her hand down into his pants to find he was erect and that his size was fairly big and thick. She began to massage him in her hand. Julian moaned again, but then grabbed her arm and stopped her. She released his lips from hers.

“I want you in my bed.” He confessed.

Dyana looked into Julian eyes. “Then let’s roll another one and head to your place.” She placed another kiss on his lips.

“I didn’t think we would get to this already, so I didn’t mention it earlier.” He began to say.

“What’s wrong, Julian?” She looked at him confused.

“I live in my parents basement.” He confessed. “I mean, they’re cool with people over. I just thought you should know.”

Dyana rolled her eyes and jumped into his lap and kissed his lips again. Exploring her tongue deep into his mouth. Julian kissed her back and his hands explored her body again. She put her hands back down his pants and tried to massage him again, but Julian grabbed her arm and stopped her again.

“Come on.” He said.

Dyana kissed his lips once more and got back into the passenger seat and fixed her clothes. Julian zipped his pants back up and fixed his shirt. He pulled out of the field and began driving back down the dirt road slowly. The music changed to Nelly’s song, Body on Me and they looked at each other smiling. The attraction was unbelievably intense. But Julian was completely unaware of Dyana’s wickedness.

“You hungry?” Julian asked, making conversation.

“Not for food.” She giggled.

“What for?” He smiled, already knowing the answer.

“You.” She stared at him, smiling.

“Roll that last one up.” He suggested.

Dyana winked at him. She rolled up a quick joint and lit it. They smoked as Julian drove slowly towards his place.

“Are you nervous?” Dyana asked, inhaling smoke.

Julian glared at her, and chuckled at her question. Dyana giggled too.

“All the pressure.” He joked.

“Don’t be. I don’t bite.” She said, passing the joint. “Not hard, at least.”

Julian took the joint and smoked. Awhile later, they arrived in front of a big white house, with a pretty big yard. Julian drove down the driveway, and parked next to two other parked cars. He turned off the engine, and passed the joint back to Dyana. She inhaled some smoke a couple of times, then put it out.

“Do we have to be extra quiet and sneak around?” Dyana asked.

“Nah. My parents should be asleep.” He opened the car door. “Come on.”

They both got out of the car. Julian walked close to Dyana, and grabbed her hand. They walked towards the side of the house towards a hidden staircase. They walked down the few stairs to a white door with a glass window. Julian put his key into the lock and opened the door. They walked inside, and Julian flipped on the light. Julian’s basement was completely renovated and looked like a complete apartment. Dyana looked around and was impressed.

“You did all of this too?” She asked, in a soft mellow tone.

“I did the whole house actually.” He responded. “I’ll show you that another time.”

Julian took her hand again and walked her towards his bedroom. He turned the light on and quickly tried to clean up the little bit of mess he had going on. Dyana looked around the room. He had a big king size bed in the middle of the room. A big flat screen television, sitting on a glass entertainment table. And a couch, against the wall on the other side of the room. Framed pictures of foreign cars and Al Pacino in Scarface hanging on the walls.

“Go ahead and make yourself comfortable.” Julian suggested, tossing clothes off his bed.

Dyana took a seat on the couch, and unhooked her sandals off her feet. Julian picked up the pile of clothes he took off his bed and opened a door that lead to his bathroom and tossed them into a hamper and quickly closed the door back up. Dyana got up off the couch and walked over to the light switch, and turned it off. The room was dim, with enough light from certain gadgets in the room. Julian turned around to see Dyana’s silhouette coming towards him. She grabbed his face and began kissing him. He kissed her back, running his hands back into her soft thick hair. Dyana pulled Julian’s T-shirt over his head then began to undo his jeans and pushed them down. Julian kicked off his sneakers then crept out the rest of his jeans, as he pulled her tank top over her head and began to pull her jeans off of her. They continued kissing and moving around the room, and landed on the couch. Dyana climbed on top of Julian, as he unhooked her bra again, slid it off her and threw it on the floor. He cupped her breasts into his hands and massaged her nipples. She let out a low moan, as she sucked on his bottom lip and let her hand make its way down into his boxer briefs. She began to jerk him in her hand and he immediately got stiff. She moved her lips onto his neck and began to suck. She then grabbed his testicles into her hand and massaged them. Julian closed his eyes and placed his head on the arm of the couch. Dyana moved her lips towards his chest and bit on his nipple. He let out a small moan from the pleasure. Dyana continued massaging all of him in her hand, as she continued moving her lips down towards his briefs. She sat up and kneeled over him and began to pull off his boxer briefs. Julian opened his eyes and looked at her. She was still very beautiful, even in the dim room. She pulled his underwear completely off, then tossed them on the floor, with the rest of their clothes. She continued jerking him in her hand.

“Not what you were expecting to happen today, when you got off of work, huh?” Dyana asked, leaning over to kiss Julian’s lips once more.

“Not at all, baby.” He lowly moaned.

She giggled, then placed his erection into her mouth. Julian closed his eyes and moaned again. Her mouth was warm and very moist. She took all of him into her mouth, and gently grabbed his balls and tickled them with the tip of her tongue. Julian moaned again. He couldn’t believe how talented she was. She seemed so shy and mysterious, earlier in the evening. Now, he was feeling like a king with his new queen. She continued to suck and spit on him. Julian never felt so good in his life. It was like he was floating on clouds in Heaven. Maybe it was the weed and alcohol from earlier, finally catching up to him. But Julian enjoyed every minute of her. He grabbed a handful of her hair, as she kept sucking. She let out a soft moan. She knew he was completely turned on and that turned her on. She continued sucking and he kept getting harder in her mouth. Julian’s breathing got heavy and he was trying not to moan, but he couldn’t help it. She went faster, got sloppier. His leg began to twitch and shake, so he sat up and pushed Dyana off him.

“Everything ok?” Dyana asked, catching her breath.

He grabbed her face and kissed her lips. Then he grabbed her body, and pulled her closer to him. She wrapped her legs around his body. Julian picked her up and brought her over to his bed. She laid her head back. Julian slid down her thong underwear and tossed them. Then he opened her legs, pushed them back, and gently kissed her pussy lips. Dyana closed her eyes and let out a small moan. He gently sucked on her lips, then let his tongue slide in between and tease her clit. She moaned again, only a little louder. He tasted her kitty and allowed her to get nice and juicy. Dyana grabbed his head, and massaged his scalp, as he pleased her.

“Mmm, Julian..” She lowly moaned. “Make me wet.”

Julian continued French kissing her kitty. Dyana was in ecstasy and surprised that Julian was pretty good at it. She bit her bottom lip to keep from getting too loud, but it was hard to resist. Julian was phenomenal and she felt somewhat ashamed for doubting him earlier. She moved her hands from his head, down the back of his neck, gently scratching her way back into his scalp. Julian got goosebumps, and wanted to feel her warmness. He sat up, and crept up to Dyana. She grabbed his face, kissed his lips, and wrapped her legs around him. Julian scooped her up and moved her up further on the bed. He released his lips from hers and opened her legs further and entered himself into her slowly.

“Ooooh.” Dyana whispered into Julian’s ear.

“You okay, baby?” He asked, placing kisses on her neck.

“Yes.” She moaned, grabbing at his back.

Julian motioned himself in and out of her, kiss and sucking on her neck. Dyana grabbed at Julian’s back, sucking on his neck. Julian wrapped his arms around Dyana and gave his all to her. They fucked all the way until dawn. When they both finally climaxed, Dyana snuggled into the messy bed. Julian laid down next to her, holding onto her. He placed kisses on her whenever they moved and got closer to one another in the bed.

By the next afternoon, a Saturday, Julian and Dyana overslept. Because they were down in the basement, there were no windows for the sunlight to sneak through to wake them. Otherwise, Julian would have already been up, probably helping out his father around the house or fixing up cars with his best friend Josh.

“Julian, are you down there?” A loud woman asked, knocking on an upstairs door. “It’s late in the afternoon, come have some lunch.” She continued. “You already missed breakfast. Get up!”

In unison, Julian and Dyana tossed around in the bed, waking up abruptly. Dyana rubbed the sleep and old eyeliner out of her eyes. While Julian turned towards a night table, to look at his digital clock. It was almost two in the afternoon.

“Damn, we must’ve been up all night.” Julian stated.

“Why?” She moaned. “What time is it?”

“Almost 2PM.” He answered.

“Are you serious?” She asked, shocked and her eyes widened.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll give you a ride home.” He reassured her.

“It’s not that.” She said, rising out of the bed and quickly picking up and putting on her clothes. “I wasn’t planning on staying so late in the day.”

Julian quickly got out of the bed, as well, and went around to grab his clothes off the floor, as well, and began putting them on.

“Where’s your bathroom?” Dyana asked, putting her tank top over her head, and flipping her messy hair out of her face.

“Yeah, through there.” He pointed his chin in the direction to the bathroom.

“Thanks.” She said, as she proceeded towards the restroom.

“Uhm, the toilet doesn’t flush, though.” He quickly intervened her path. “I gotta fix it.”

Dyana put a pause to her footsteps. She sighed and rolled her eyes, then quickly turned around to face Julian.

“So where should I relieve myself?” She asked nonchalant.

“There’s two more bathrooms upstairs.” Julian said, tying up his sneakers. “Come on.”

“So you want me to meet your folks?” She asked, placing her hands on her hips. “Looking a hot ass mess?” She continued.

“Well, go in there, wash your face.” He began. “Then we’ll go upstairs. You can use the toilet, we’ll eat, and then we can get out of here.”

Dyana sighed. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” He answered. “What? Are you nervous to meet my parents?” He asked, stating the obvious.

“I mean, you kind of just met me yesterday.” She explained. “How are we going to explain how I ended up in your bed so fast?”

“My parents aren’t judgmental.” He responded. “They’re pretty rational and decent towards my, ehh…” He stuttered. “…Friends.”

Dyana sighed and rolled her eyes once more, and walked into the bathroom. She washed her face of her day old makeup, then finger combed her hair out. She walked back into Julian’s bedroom, to find him in a mirror, brushing the waves in his hair, then spraying on cologne. She walked over to the couch, and grabbed her sandals off the floor and began buckling them on. Julian turned around, grabbed his cell phone and his car keys, placing them both in his pockets. Dyana jumped up off the couch, and grabbed her cell phone, placing it in her pant’s pocket.

“You ready, darling?” Julian asked, sarcastically.

“Guess, I really don’t have a choice, do I?” She replied, a little snotty.

“Not at all.” He chuckled, grabbing her hand. “You’ll love my mother’s cooking.”

Dyana smiled. And Julian led the way towards the infamous stairs, that led upstairs to his parent’s house. They walked up the stairs, Julian opened the door, which brought them into the foyer. He closed the door behind Dyana, and led her to the bathroom by the dining room.

“Go ahead, take your time.” He said. “The kitchen, is through there.” He continued, pointing towards the room.

“Okay, thanks.” She said, entering the bathroom.

Julian walked into the kitchen to greet his mother, who was at the sink, washing dishes.

“Morning, ma.” Julian greeted.

“Morning?” She mocked him. “Boy, it’s almost dinnertime!” She joked. “You never sleep this late. What happened?”

“I met someone last night.” He confessed. “She’s in the bathroom.”

“Ohh, a girl, you say?” She asked, with a wicked smirk on her face. “Is she hungry?” She asked. “I made my homemade cheddar broccoli soup and a basket of honey biscuits for lunch.”

“Mmmmmm, so that’s what you got smelling so good?” Julian complimented, stalking over the stove to smell the food.

“Hey, hey, no touching!” She demanded, splashing him with a little bit of soapy water. “I’ll make you each a bowl in a second. Go on, and take a seat.”

Julian walked over to the small round kitchen table and sat down. A moment later, in walked his father with a newspaper in his hand.

“Well, good afternoon, Julian.” His father said, taking a seat at the table and opening the newspaper. “How nice of you to finally join us?!”

“My bad pops, I had a long night.” Julian responded.

“Julian brought a girl home.” His mother interrupted, joking around.

“MA!” Julian exclaimed. “Please don’t embarrass me and don’t make her feel uncomfortable.”

“You must really like this girl!” His father began. “You’ve never brought a girlfriend over. Not even back when you were in school.”

“Yes, I know.” Julian said, blushing. “It just, kind of, happened.” He explained. “And yes, I like her, so don’t freak her out, aiight?”

“Don’t worry, we won’t.” His mother said, as she shut off the sink. “I’m curious to see what type of young lady has caught your attention.”

His mother began making everyone a bowl of soup, and placing them in front of her husband and son. Just then, Dyana came out of the bathroom, and walked into the kitchen to Julian and his parents. His father was African American and his mother was Caucasian, as she had expected.

“Good afternoon, honey.” Julian’s mother greeted her. “Please, have a seat.”

Julian got up, and pulled out a chair for her. Dyana shyly smiled, walked over and took a seat.

“Mom. Dad. This is Dyana, uhhh…” Julian stuttered, realizing he didn’t know her full name.

“Davis.” She hesitated. “Dyana Davis.”

“You can call us, Mr. and Mrs. McAllister.” His father insisted.

“Dyana, honey, are you hungry?” Mrs. McAllister asked.

“Yes, please. It smells great in here.” Dyana complimented and smiled.

“Coming right up, darling.” His mother said, making her way around the kitchen. “Anyone want a honey biscuit?”

Julian and his father both responded with full mouths. Mrs. McAllister made Dyana a bowl of soup and placed it in front of her. She passed her a spoon and napkin, and passed everyone a biscuit. Dyana began eating with the rest of them. Next, Mrs. McAllister pulled out four glasses and pulled out a pitcher of iced tea from the refrigerator and poured everyone a drink. Then she finally sat down. After a little bit of awkwardness and silence, his parents made small talk with Dyana and Julian.

“So how did the two of you meet?” Mr. McAllister asked.

Dyana and Julian glanced at each other, knowing that the explanation would be very awkward and somewhat unpleasant to his parents.

“Dyana was just passing through town.” Julian responded. “I gave her a quick tour guide.”

“What brings you to these parts, sweetheart?” Mrs. McAllister interrogated.

“Her sister is in the hospital, mother.” Julian answered.

“My apologies, baby.” Mrs. McAllister said. “I didn’t mean to interfere.”

“It’s okay.” Dyana said, swallowing some of her food. “She’ll be okay.”

“Where are you from?” Mr. McAllister questioned. “You don’t sound like us country folk.”

“No, I’m from up north.” Dyana replied, smiling. “I’m a city girl.”

“Well that’s interesting.” Mrs. McAllister mentioned. “How do you get around?” She asked. “I didn’t see another car outside.”

“I took the train here.” Dyana responded.

“Well, Julian, you take her straight home.” Mr. McAllister demanded. “Don’t have this pretty young lady, sitting at the train station.”

“Of course, Dad.” Julian slightly chuckled. “That was already the plan.”

Dyana smiled at Julian. They continued eating their lunch and having good general conversation, and tried getting better acquainted with Dyana. Julian was glad that they were getting along, and that his parents didn’t embarrass him or make Dyana feel uncomfortable. Once they were done with lunch, Julian and Dyana headed outside toward his car, to bring her home. They got in his car, and Dyana began to rummage through her purse, which she left in the car, the night before.

“Do you know the way back to the city?” Julian asked, starting the engine.

“I honestly don’t mind taking the train back.” Dyana suggested, pulling her cell phone charger, out of her purse. “I don’t want to kill anymore of your gas tank.”

“Girl, stop.” Julian chuckled. “Just give me the address, and I’ll put it in my GPS and we’ll be good to go.”

“I swear, I really don’t mind the train, Julian.” She persisted.

“Give me the address.” He demanded. “And you roll the weed up.” He dug between his seat and passed her his car stash.

Dyana smiled, grabbed the weed, and told him her address. He unlocked his cell phone and typed the address into his GPS. Dyana began to roll up a spliff, and Julian pulled the car out of the driveway and onto the road. Julian continued shuffling through his phone for some good mood music. He ended up turning on the It Was Written album by Nas. Dyana finished sealing up the blunt and turned the stereo up in the process.

“You know your music.” Julian mentioned.

“Nas speaks knowledge.” Dyana stated, sparking the blunt. “But Wayne is probably my favorite.”

“Get outta here, girl!” Julian grinned. “I been around since the Cash Money days.”

Dyana giggled, then passed him the blunt. As they continued their long distant journey, up north and their blunt, they got more acquainted with each other. It was as if they were best friends, connecting for the first time. But Dyana still kept her defenses up, just not so obvious. The ride towards Dyana’s residence took almost two hours. Once they finally got into the city, the vibe in Julian’s car changed. Julian noticed that Dyana was sitting stiffly in the passenger seat and she had gotten quiet.

“Everything okay?” Julian hesitantly asked.

Dyana glanced over at him, then nodded yes.

“Are you sure?” He pressed. “You stopped talking a while back.”

“I just don’t know what to expect, when I get home.” Dyana finally admitted.

“What do you mean?” Julian questioned. “Something wrong with your place?”

“Right now, I have to stay with my mother, you know, since my sister is in the hospital.” Dyana began. “And my mother isn’t the nicest person to get along with.”

“You don’t have any other place to stay?” He asked. “Like friends or any other family?”

“I don’t have much family, to be honest.” She confessed. “And I haven’t really spoken to a lot of my friends in awhile.”

“Well, I don’t want to be all in your business, but why is that?” Julian asked, confused. “Why’d you cut everyone off?”

“It’s kind of a long story.” She stated. “So I’ve just kept my distance.”

“You don’t have to be afraid to tell me.” He reassured. “What you think I’m gonna judge you or something?”

“It’s hard to discuss a lot of things that’s going on in my life, Julian.” She said, fiddling her fingers. “I just met you. I really don’t think you would understand.”

“I’m willing to understand…” He simplified to her. “…That’s if you allow me.”

Dyana looked over at Julian again. She knew that he was trying to get her to open up again, just like the evening before. But with her wild thoughts of the events from the night before and her feelings about her real life, she knew she couldn’t completely open up to Julian just yet.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think you’re ready to know everything.” She said, looking outside the passenger window. “So please just drop it.”

Julian respected her wishes, dropped the topic, and continued driving. The GPS acknowledged that they were getting closer to their destination. The rest of the ride was pretty laid back. Once they turned off the highway exit, and onto familiar territory for Dyana, she began giving him her own directions towards her place. Julian followed her directions and kept driving. As they were passing through the city, Julian noticed how different the atmosphere was from his own town. It was much more busier, louder, and fast paced. He was moderately excited to experience the difference. Dyana told him to make a turn into a housing community, and he did so. Driving through the community, Julian noticed some street soldiers eyeing as he passed.

“Don’t worry, they won’t bite unless you bark.” Dyana mentioned. “Take a left the next block.”

Julian continued driving, and took the next left like she had suggested.

“You can pull up behind that white Mercedes.” Dyana mentioned, as she began grabbing for her purse.

Julian parked his car behind the car she described, and turned off his engine.

“I had a really great time with you.” Dyana smiled. “Thank you.”

She leaned over towards him, to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Anytime.” Julian hesitated.  “When can I see you again?”

“I’m not sure.” She responded.

“Call me, the next time you come down to see your sister.” He said. “I’ll give you a ride. I don’t mind.”

Dyana smiled. She quickly unlocked her cell phone and passed it to Julian. He typed in his phone number and dialed his phone. It began ringing and he quickly disconnected it, then returning her phone. She took it and pulled her sunglasses to her face and opened the car door and got out. She then leaned over into the car window.

“You’ll be alright finding your way back?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ll just use my GPS.” He answered. “Is there a gas station close by?”

“Yeah, when you get out of here, take a right and go straight.” Dyana insisted. “It’s right next to a McDonald’s.”

“Call you if I get lost.” He said, immediately regretting the joke.

“Definitely.” She smiled back. “See you later.”

Dyana began walking away from the car, and heading towards the apartment. Julian started his car, but watched her walk away. He didn’t want it to come to an end, but Julian knew it had to. He felt that she could be the one, but he felt that she was reserved for some reason. He figured he would do his best to figure her out more, but that it would take some time. He drove off, headed to the gas station then on his way home.

The next afternoon, Julian was with his friend, Josh. He and Josh fixed cars together, at a local used car dealership, on the weekends. Their friend Barry had just pulled into the garage they were working in. Julian watched as he got out of his car and approached the car he and Josh were already working on.

“What’s up y’all?” Barry asked. “I really need Jessie tuned up.”

“Give us like twenty minutes.” Josh said, wiping sweat from his forehead with the back of his arm, and digging into his shirt pocket. “It’s time for a little smoke break.” He pulled out a blunt.

“Come on, we still got four other cars to work on, before Barry’s.” Julian reminded Josh.

“Forget about the cars!” Barry exclaimed. “Tell us all about that beauty you were with Friday night at Bud’s!”

“What beauty?” Josh asked, sparking up his blunt.

“Man, shut up.” Julian said, shoving Barry. “I just met her.”

“Bro, I saw you two kissing.” Barry joked. “Who is she, anyways?”

“I told you. I just met her.” Julian stated.

“So you’re kissing girls without getting a name?” Josh interjected, with his own sarcasm.

“Dyana.” Julian sighed, aggravated, and rolled his eyes. “Her name is Dyana.”

“AND?!” Barry asked, excited.

“And she’s great.” Julian shrugged his arms. “I told you, I just met her.”

“I don’t know.” Barry teased. “I was gonna ask to play pool with you, but then I saw you were with shorty and I couldn’t cock block, my boy.”

“What she look like?” Josh asked, passing the blunt to Barry.

“YOOO! Her body was sick!” Barry said, inhaling smoke.

“Shut up!” Julian said, pushing Barry again.

“I’m just saying, baby was thick like a milkshake.” Barry continued joking.

“Stupid, fucking white boy.” Josh chuckled.

“Bro, you’re white too.” Barry choked on smoke, laughing.

“Anyways, where you meet her?” Josh asked. “You never mentioned her before.”

“I literally just met her.” Julian replied. “She got stranded, we ended up kicking it, and she’s cool as hell.”

“You smash?!” Josh asked, shocked.

“BRO!!!” Barry exclaimed.

“Had to open your fucking mouth?!” Julian kicked dirt at Barry.

“BRO!!!” Barry screamed, backing out of the crossfire.

“We fooled around.” He hesitated. “I can’t stop thinking about her.”

“So take her to a movie or something.” Josh suggested.

“She just move here or something?” Barry asked. “She didn’t look too familiar, dawg.”

“What?” Josh asked, with a confused expression.

“She lives two hours away.” Julian said. “She was just visiting.”

“So call her tonight.” Josh suggested again. “See when’s the next time she’ll be in town.”

“Yeah, be cool.” Barry said, passing Julian the weed.

“I don’t know. She was very reserved when I brought her home.” Julian mentioned, taking a pull. “When we were out having fun, she was so free.” He took another hit. “But when I brought her home, she was kinda cold.”

“So why didn’t you give her your jacket?” Barry ignorantly asked. “You know, be a gentlemen!”

“You’re an idiot!” Josh blurted to Barry. “He meant her vibe changed.”

“Ohh!” Barry realized. “My bad, dawg.”

“I wanna call her, but I don’t want to seem…” Julian stuttered.

“Desperate?!” Josh and Barry said in unison.

“Fuck the both of y’all!” Julian stuck up both his fingers. “I mean everything was cool. We just went with the flow.”

“Sounds like loooove!” Josh teased, making googly eyes and kissy faces.

“I don’t know about all that yet.” Julian inhaled more smoke.

“Man, just call the girl.” Barry said. “All women want is a man to be a man and make moves. Sitting around thinking about her, isn’t gonna get you back in the panties, dawg.” He joked.

“The idiot’s got a point.” Josh agreed. “You should surprise her and go see her.

“So she can put a restraining order on my man?” Barry exclaimed. “Call the chick.”

“Thanks for the help.” Julian reassured his friends. “But I think I know what I’m gonna do.”

Julian, Josh, and Barry finished smoking their blunt. And Julian and Josh eventually got back to fixing cars.

Almost two weeks had gone by, that Julian hadn’t seen or heard from Dyana. It was Thursday afternoon, Julian made his regular pit stop to the local market for his after work session. He’d been hoping he would have bumped into Dyana, visiting again, but she never showed. He’d thought about calling her a few times, but he always found some logical excuse not to. Julian pulled into his driveway and walked into his house. His mother was in the kitchen, with dinner almost ready. His father, literally walked into the living room with a fishing magazine in his hand.

“Hey son. Dinner should be ready in a few.” His father greeted. “How was work?”

“Work is work.” Julian uttered, closing the door behind him. “Excuse me, Pop. I gotta call the fellas.”

“Alright, son.” His father said, taking a seat on the couch and opening his magazine.

Julian rushed pass the living room and headed towards his basement door. He opened the door and went down the flight of stairs quickly, turning the light on from a switch on the wall. He put his bag from the market, on his bed. Then he dug into his pocket for his cell phone. He went through his contact list and scrolled down to Dyana’s number. He took a deep breath, and settled on sending her a text message. Once he sent it, he quickly began rolling a blunt, laid on his bed and began to smoke. As he waited for his mother to call him upstairs for dinner, he glanced at his phone numerous times. Still waiting for a response from Dyana, to no avail.

“Julian.” His mother knocked on the basement door. “Dinner’s ready!”

Julian tossed his phone, on the other side of his bed, then headed upstairs to have dinner with his parents. As he walked into the kitchen, his mother was placing plates down onto the table. His father was already sitting and began eating. Julian pulled a chair out and sat down. His mother made one of his favorite dishes, shrimp Alfredo and honey glazed salmon. She pulled out three glasses and a two-liter bottle of Sprite, from the fridge, and placed it on the table. She took a seat along with her guys and began eating.

“How were your days?” Mrs. McAllister asked them.

“Hired a few guys to help with the landscaping.” Mr. McAllister answered to his wife. “I hope they work out like I’d like.”

“I’m sure it will, honey.” Mrs. McAllister encouraged her husband. “And what about you, Julian?”

“It was fine, just building houses.” Julian replied, moving his food around his plate.

“Is everything okay, son?” His father asked.

“Everything’s fine.” Julian mumbled.

“Why aren’t you eating, dear?” His mother asked. “You usually love when I make my Alfredo and salmon.”

“I just got a lot on my mind. That’s all.” Julian said. “It’s nothing.”

“Is it that girl?” His mother asked, clearing her throat. “You haven’t spoken of her in awhile.”

Julian looked up at his mom, trying not to show too much emotion, even though he was shocked that she guessed correctly.

“Yeah.” His father chimed in. “How’s her sister doing?”

“I don’t know.” Julian responded. “I haven’t spoken to her in about two weeks.”

“Why not?” His mother asked. “You two looked so adorable together!”

“Susan, don’t embarrass him.” His father interjected. “Have you tried calling her?”

“I just texted her a little while ago.” Julian confessed. “I don’t want to seem too pushy.”

“You should surprise her.” His mother suggested. “Bring her a nice bouquet of flowers. Take her some place romantic.”

“She lives two hours away.” He admitted. “I don’t want to just show up on her doorstep.”

“That’s how the Prince found Cinderella.” His mother joked.

“Really, mom?” Julian asked with sarcasm.

“Susan, Julian is a man. He doesn’t believe in girly fairy tales.” His father came to his defense. “But you’re mother does have a point.” He proceeded. “Women like to be surprised and to feel important.”

“I’m just not sure, it’s a good idea.” Julian explained.

“Trust me, she would love to be surprised.” His mother continued. “Flowers and jewelry. That’s the way to a woman’s heart.”

“She’s not really like other women.” Julian opted. “She’s different.”

“Sounds like love, son.” Mr. McAllister suggested.

“It’s not that deep, Pop.” Julian confessed. “She’s strong. Independent. She was dope.”

“Tomorrow…” Mrs. McAllister smiled. “You should go see her!”

His father smiled and pat him on his shoulder, agreeing with his mother. Julian still had his reservations about the situation. But he knew that he had to come up with a plan, if he hadn’t heard back from Dyana soon. After Julian ate dinner with his folks, he sprinted downstairs to his basement and quickly hopped in his bed, checking his cell phone. He had a few new text messages, checking them immediately, but none were a response from Dyana. He called his best friend Josh, one of his incoming texters.

“Barry thinks because he dated Rachel that he’s officially black!” Josh joked, answering the phone.

“Yeah, well, Barry’s an idiot.” Julian mumbled, sarcastically.

“The hell is up with you?” Josh asked with concern in his voice. “You been bitching a lot lately.”

“Nothing.” Julian responded.

“Bro, who you talking to? I’m your best friend.” Josh said. “It’s that chick?!”

“Shut up.” Julian said, annoyed with the topic.

“Look, tomorrow, we’re gonna go see her.” Josh suggested. “That’s that.”

“No way.” He began. “She might freak if I brought someone else.”

“Just go! The fuck, bro?” Josh laughed. “You acting a straight bitch.”

“So she makes me a bit nervous.” Julian confessed. “But I’m never a bitch.”

“That’s just the idea of rejection.” Josh reassured his best friend. “Did you ever call her? NOOO!” He joked with sarcasm. “Just go to see her. It’s not like she would turn you down if you drove all the distance to see her.”

Julian contemplated Josh’s words in his head, and figured that he was actually right.

“Go right after work tomorrow.” Josh suggested. “And definitely pick up some flowers.”

“Alright.” Julian sighed. “I got this.”

“Cool, bro.” Josh began. “Definitely get a haircut before you go too.”

Julian considered Josh’s suggestions and spent the rest of his night contemplating something impressively nice to wear.

The next afternoon, Julian’s construction crew was dismissed from their work site. He quickly sprinted towards his car, and headed home to take a quick shower. He changed his clothes and sprayed on some cologne. And quickly jetted out the house before one or both his parents came home. He unlocked his car door and got in. He picked up a blunt he had previously smoked and lit it. As he inhaled the smoke, he checked his reflection in his rear view mirror. He realized that he definitely was well overdue for a shave and haircut. He took another pull from the blunt, then pulled out his cell phone and quickly dialed his boy Malik, who was also his barber.

“What’s good?” Malik answered his phone.

“I got twenty dollars for you.” Julian began. “Tell me, you’re free to hook your boy up.”

“I’m finishing a client now.” Malik admitted. “I can slide you in.”

“I’m on my way now.” Julian started his engine.

Julian quickly drove to his barber. After thirty minutes, he ended up with a nice, clean shave and fade. He quickly got back in his car and pulled up Dyana’s address in his GPS. Just then Josh began calling him.

“What’s up?” Julian answered.

“Let’s play a couple rounds at Buds.” Josh asked.

“I can’t. I’ma see her.”

“For real? I thought you were gonna punk out.” Josh laughed.

“Fuck you.” Julian laughed back.

“Yo, come get me. I want to go.” Josh suggested.

“Nah, nah, nah. I’m good.” Julian said. “I’ll call you in the morning.”

“You clean yourself up?” Josh rushed to ask.

“Man, I’m good.” Julian said.

“And flowers?” Josh reminded him.

“That was my next move.” Julian rolled his eyes and hesitated, because he completely forgot. “What kind should I get?”

“Roses, definitely.” He answered. “Make sure it’s a full stack or whatever.”

“It’s called a bouquet, idiot.” Julian joked, annoyed.

“Yeah, yeah. Good luck.” Josh hung up.

Julian waited for his phone to clear and searched the closest flower shop and directions. He turned his car on and began driving. Ten minutes later, he pulled into the parking lot and turned the engine off. He quickly got out the car, grabbed his wallet and entered the shop. The salesmen was wrapping up with a previous customer and their order. Julian took a quick survey of the shop, to seek what he was looking for in the meantime. There were so many different flowers and plants in the room, that it began messing up his sinuses. His eyes got watery and his nose was itchy.

“Hey sir, how can I help you?” The salesmen asked.

Julian turned, and walked over towards the clerk’s counter and quickly covered his nose and squinted his eyes.

“Roses, please.” Julian requested.

“Nasal allergies.” The clerk chuckled. “I’ll get you outta here quick!”

Julian nodded at him. And the clerk went to the back of the shop. Julian waited a few minutes. He sacrificed his stuffy nose, hoping it would all be worth it by the end of the evening. A moment later, the shop worker came out with a wrapped bouquet of pink roses.

“You need a card or anything else?” The salesmen asked.

“Nah.” Julian replied. “What I owe you?”

“Thirty-nine, ninety-eight.” The clerk said, punching buttons on his register.

Julian pulled out two twenties from his wallet, and handed it to the clerk. He grabbed the flowers and bolted for the door. He quickly popped open his trunk, and gently placed the bouquet in and closed it. He got into his Acura, turned the engine on and cracked his windows. He pulled out his cell phone and opened his GPS again. He scanned for Dyana’s address again and it began routing out the directions. Julian secured his seat belt, and pulled out of the parking lot and began following the GPS directions towards the expressway.

After two hours of directions, Julian began memorizing the city vibes once he exited the expressway. He continued to follow the directions though, pulling into the familiar housing community. He slowly pulled in, turning his music down low, looking at the numbers against each house. Then he saw the white Mercedes, Dyana once told him to park behind and he did just that. A woman was already outside the house, wearing a sheer nightgown and teddy, with a black silk bonnet on her head, appearing a drunk or sloppy mess. Julian rolled down the passenger window, then shut off his car’s engine, trying to get her attention.

“Excuse me, ma’am, I’m looking for someone.” Julian started. “Is it possible if you can help me?”

“Boy, get outcha car and come holla at me!” The woman suggested. “Let mama know who you looking for, baby?”

Julian pulled his key out the ignition, and took his time getting out of the car. The woman walked toward her house porch. Julian noticed some people sitting on their porch, across the street, taking notice to what was going on, on the block. He followed the woman onto her porch.

“Come here, baby.” She said aggressively. “Tell me who you’re looking for.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I don’t mean to show up with any disrespect. I’m just looking for a friend of mine.”

“Who’s your friend?” She asked, jittery and twitchy.

“Dyana Davis.” Julian answered, realizing that this woman may have been detoxing off drugs.

“Ohhh.” The woman gave him a blank stare. “So you fucking Dyana or something?” She quickly insulted.

“No ma’am, we’re just friends!” Julian insisted, hesitating. “I was hoping I could spend some time with her.

“MHM. Well, she left.” She pulled a cigarette and lighter from the pocket of her teddy, and lit it.

“Really?” Julian asked, discouraged.

“She left just a little while ago.” The woman admitted. “She had some bags with her. I think she’s going to the laundromat.”

“Thank you.” He smiled, and began to walk away, until Dyana’s mother said something to make him turn around.

“HMPHH, well, you got sumthin for her momma, don’t cha?” She blurted. “Information ain’t free around here, boy.”

Julian was a little taken aback by her mother’s behavior. He understood a little more of Dyana’s odd behavior, that last time they spoke.

“Sure.” He sighed. “What do you need, Mrs. Davis?” He hesitated.

“If you’re a friend of Dyana’s, I know you got you some money.” She asked, shaking and breaking out in a cold sweat. “Don’t cha?” She asked, tying her teddy to cover-up her almost bare and slim body frame.

Julian pulled a couple twenties from his wallet. “Can you let her know that I came by?” He asked, knowing exactly what she was going to do with the money, but he kept his cool, and ignored his thoughts.

“Sure thing, baby.” She jumped up and rushed into the house, slamming the door pretty hard.

Julian began heading back to his car, when the neighbors across the street shouted for his attention. Julian looked across the street once again. A couple of chubby men were on the porch, waving for him to come over. Julian quickly crossed the street and approached the porch.

“Who you looking for, fam?” One of the guys asked.

“Dyana.” Julian hesitated answering.

“OHH, D.D.!!!” The other man tapped the other guys shoulder. “You just missed her.”

“Yeah, saw her heading to the laundromat with her stuff.” The first man said. “Who is you though, young blood?”

“Julian.” Julian introduced himself. “I’m just a friend.”

“Well, I ain’t ever heard of you, so you must be a new friend of hers. I’m Larenz.” He introduced himself. “And this my cousin Pookie Dook. We go way back since we was in diapers and all that.”

“Real talk!” Pookie Dook decided to chime in.

“And D.D. wouldn’t want someone popping up at her mom dukes on any occasion, so I had to ask, what you was doing hollering at her crazy ass for?” Larenz asked.

“I wasn’t trying to cause any harm.” Julian put his hands up in defense. “I just wanted to see her again.” He continued.

“Sounds like my man caught the ‘love jones’ too.” Pookie joked and laughed.

“Must have.” Larenz chuckled along. “You good fam. I remember your car from a couple weeks ago, when you brought her home.” Larenz insisted. “My car broke down on my way to pick her up from seeing her baby sister.”

“Right, right.” Julian agreed, remembering that she did end up stranded in his hometown. “Is the laundromat far from here? I’d really like to catch up to her.”

“You probably missed her, on your way into the units.” Pookie said.

“Yeah, just circle you’re way out, then take a right.” Larenz suggested. “Head towards the gas station.”

“Thanks, guys.” Julian appreciated the directions and advice.

“Just do everyone a favor, and don’t ever show up at her moms again.” Larenz stated, “D.D.’s mom is a fiend and we don’t need her acting a hot mess around these parts.”

“I got it.” Julian agreed. “Thanks for everything guys.”

Larenz and Pookie reached out to give Julian a dap shake, and he returned the gesture. He then sprinted off the porch and headed back to his car. He quickly turned the engine on, and made his way through the housing complex towards the exit, with an open eye for his next opportunity in seeking Dyana. He reached the exit, and noticed Dyana with a couple small bags in her arms, walking out of the complex. Julian honked his horn, and rolled the passenger window down and shouted her name. Dyana continued her oblivious journey towards the exit of her housing community. Julian pulled his car to the side to park and quickly hopped out of his car…

“DYANA!!” He shouted.

Dyana stopped and noticed Julian. She dropped her bags, and her jaw. “Oh my God” She exclaimed.

She lifted her big dark sunglasses over her head, and pulled her headphones from out her ears. Julian McAllister was in her city. She was in a complete shock.

“Oh my God!” She repeated. “Julian, is that you?”

Julian smiled, closed his car door, then walked over to her. He leaned over her for a hug, and she gently squeezed him back. Dyana was completely confused. Why was he there? In her city, or as he would say her ‘neck of the woods?’

“I don’t know what to say!” She choked up. “I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

Sarcastically and mentally, she meant ever again. But apparently Julian had felt otherwise, based on the current situation. They released each other’s grip.

“I texted you, just wanted to make sure you were alright.” Once the words finished splurging out of his mouth, Julian wished he hadn’t said that. “I mean, I hadn’t heard back from you and wanted to make sure, you know, that you were good.” He hesitated.

“Really?” She asked, putting her shades back on. “You drove two hours to see if I was good and if I got a text message?” She placed a hand on her hip.

She realized that their tryst, was a little more than that in Julian’s point of view. So she had to break him off gently.

“I’m sorry, I’m a little nervous.” Julian said, matter of fact. “Your neighbors said they saw you heading towards the laundromat.” He fibbed. “I don’t mind taking you, and helping you.”

“Look Julian…” She began. “…Wait you spoke to Larenz and Pook?” Dyana scowled. “Oh gosh. The day that I’m having!” She exhaled heavily.

“Was it wrong for me to just show up?” Julian asked. “I thought we vibed, that’s all.”

“Yeah, we did.” Dyana began. “Wait, not here. Not now.” She picked up her laundry bags from the ground. “You sure you don’t mind spending the afternoon in my territory?” She asked.

“Your chariot awaits you madam.” Julian joked, helping her with bags.

They walked over to his car. Julian stuffed her laundry bags into the back seats. Dyana got into the passenger seat. She caught herself smiling. It had been a long time since someone remembered to make her smile. Julian got into his car and started the engine, and pulled off.

“You gotta give me directions.” Julian suggested.

“Straight the next quarter mile.” She guided him. “Then you’ll make a right on Griffin Ave.”

They glanced at each other, putting on their seat belts, then Julian focused on the road ahead and following her directions.

“Take a left in another block, go all the way up the hill, then take a right.” She commanded.

“You were about to walk all the way up here?” Julian questioned her with concern.

“No.” Dyana giggled. “My best friend invited me to stay over. He has a washer & dryer hook up.” She continued.

“Oh okay, good.” Julian said, with relief. “I’m glad, I came when I did then.”

“Like a knight.” Dyana joked.

“Something like that, babe.” He joked back.

“Maybe it was just fate.” She continued, sarcastically.

“I have to admit, I missed you’re sarcastic tone.” Julian confessed.

“Take another right onto Dunbar, then pull into the light yellow house on the left.” Dyana guided him. “And I know, I seem to have that effect on people.” She finished joking.

Julian smiled at what she had to say, while following her final directions. Julian parked his car in the driveway of the light yellow house, then turned off the engine.

“Can I use your phone?” Dyana asked.

“Go for it.” Julian said, picking up his cell phone and unlocking it, changing the screen to his phone dial. He passed her the phone, and she quickly dialed a number, then placed the phone to her ear.

“It’s D.D.” She spoke into the phone. “I’m outside.” She looked up at Julian. “I have company with me though.” She giggled next. “Of course, we’ll talk. Open up, jerkface.”

Dyana ended the quick call and tossed Julian his phone.

“Thank you.” She started. “I can’t believe you’re actually here. You really saved me a haul.” Dyana rubbed Julian’s shoulder.

“Like I said, I thought we vibed.” Julian said. “And I really wanted to see you, again.”

“Can’t believe you came around my way.” Dyana said, shocked. “I hope you didn’t see my family outside.” She quickly took off her sunglasses and looked Julian in the face.

“Nah, I don’t think so..” He automatically regretted the lie. “Just Larenz and ’em.”

“Okay, great.” She smiled, with a sigh of relief. “Do you think you can bring the bags inside for me, please?”

“Yeah.” He agreed. “I got you.”

“This is my friend DeMarcus.” Dyana said, looking towards the front of the house. “There he is. He’s gay, just FYI.” She explained, opening the car door and rushing to the front door, where a bald light skin guy stood in the opening.

Julian placed his phone in his pocket, and turned to gather Dyana’s heavy duty laundry bags, and exiting his vehicle. He picked up one of the bags, and met up with Dyana and her friend, walking into the house.

“Where’s the other bag?” Dyana asked, with a confused look.

“I gotta make another trip to the car for something.” He said, with a small slick smile upon his face.

“Okay, we’ll be on the back porch.” She clarified. “Just let yourself back in.”

“OK.” He said, placing the bag on a nearby couch, then heading out the door for the other bag. But first, Julian popped his trunk open and grabbed the bouquet of pink roses and placed them behind his back, to hide. He closed the trunk, went to the side of the car and grabbed Dyana’s other bag, and walked back into the house. Julian placed the bag right next to the first, on the couch, then looked around for the kitchen. He heard the sound of Dyana and her friend laughing, so he followed into the kitchen, which lead him towards a back porch deck. As he approached, Dyana and her friend were turning to face Julian.

“There you are.” Dyana smiled. “Julian, DeMarcus. DeMarcus, Julian.” She introduced the guys.

“Nice to meet you.” Julian and DeMarcus said in unison, shaking hands.

“These are for you.” Julian said, pulling the roses from behind his back and handing them over to Dyana.

“A knight in shining armor with gifts.” DeMarcus joked. “D.D., I like him.”

“Wow. They’re beautiful.” Dyana blushed, smiling. “You got these for me?” She asked, taking them, and admiring the gesture.

“I’ll put them in water for you.” DeMarcus said, taking them from Dyana.

“Yes, please.” Dyana continued smiling. “Thanks De.”

“No problem, babygirl.” DeMarcus said, making his way back into the house. “You two should catch up anyways.”

“Wow.” Dyana continued. “I wasn’t expecting any of this. Thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” Julian smiled. “Just wanted to show you, that you’re special.”

“And you got yourself cleaned up too.” She mentioned, massaging his bare face. “You look handsome.”

“I almost thought you didn’t notice.” He mumbled shyly.

“No, I did.” She said, kissing his cheek. “You totally made an impression on me, that’s for sure.” Dyana admitted.

“That was the idea.” He stated. “To be honest, I couldn’t stop thinking about you and all the fun we had.” He confessed.

“It’s crazy, because I had a dream about you.” She began. “And then here you are.” She said. “I guess I have a sixth sense like friends keep telling me.” She giggled. “None of it comes in clearly or makes sense to me.”

“I read about how Astrology and numerology are shortcut helpers with that subject.” Julian began. “You should read into it. You could be onto something.”

“Nah, I can’t play with spirits and all that voodoo ganja.” Dyana joked. “I’ll fuck around and have the dead talking to me. I don’t want that in my life.”

“Why not?” DeMarcus said, coming back outside. “You’re the only person I know who can avoid death.”

“What?” Julian asked, confused by his sarcasm.

“You didn’t tell him about the accident?” DeMarcus asked Dyana.

“No.” Dyana answered, scowling at DeMarcus. “And I wasn’t planning to, just yet.”

“Why not?” Julian asked her. “You were in an accident?”

“Well, we just met, and certain things don’t need to be talked about just yet.” Dyana scolded. “I mean, this is only the second time being face to face.”

“Oh, I didn’t know, girl.” DeMarcus apologized. “I figured, you two were a little more exclusive.” He suggested.

Dyana gave DeMarcus a complex look, as if telling him to stop being nosy and to drop the topic.

“Well, ok, how about you get that laundry started?” DeMarcus rolled his eyes. “I’ll be in my room until Brian gets home.” He said, then quietly went back into the house.

“Please don’t ask, Julian.” Dyana began, looking disarranged. “We’ll have time to talk about things later. Things have become kind of out of order today. As you can tell.”

“Okay, okay.” He responded. “I understand.”

“Come on.” She gestured. “We’ve got some catching up to do.”

Julian followed Dyana back into the house. As they made their way through the house and each grabbed her bags. Dyana led the way towards the laundry room of DeMarcus’s house, which was a refurbished basement turned laundry room. She placed a bag on top of one of the machines.

“You can place that one on the floor there.” Dyana told him. “Luckily, these guys have everything I need.”

Dyana opened the bag and pulled out a big black leather purse from the bag and set it aside. She opened the door to the washing machine and began placing her clothes inside. Julian leaned against a wall and watched her.

“So you had texted me?” She questioned, breaking the obvious awkward tension. “My phone was broken about a week ago.” She confessed. “I can’t afford a new one yet.”

“I know this is all kinda awkward…” He stated. “I wasn’t trying to just show up.”

“But you sort of did.” Dyana said, closing the washer then looking at Julian. “No offense and no fault to your own.”

Julian was taken aback by Dyana’s straightforward attitude. But he knew deep down she would have been that way. But he tried to stay positive. It wasn’t like she kicked him to the curb just yet.

“I apologize, Dyana.” Julian said. “It wasn’t my intent to disappoint you.”

“I’m not disappointed.” She admitted. “Bewildered and shocked more than anything.” She began to smile. “But I do like you, Julian.”

She went into a small closet and pulled out some laundry detergent and began to set the washing machine.

“But I must say, after you didn’t call, I figured what we had was just a one night stand.” Dyana continued.

“And do you still believe that?” Julian asked, walking over to her.

“Julian, there’s a lot about me that you’ve got to learn.” She enclosed. “I don’t think you’d be able to handle it or me.”

“I don’t want to rush things with you, Dyana.” Julian confronted. “But I want to know all that I need to about you.”

“That’s just it.” She interrupted. “I don’t think you’d like me very much, once you know everything. I’ve had a very unsettling life. Nothing you’re used to.”

“So we come from different worlds.” Julian shrugged. “That doesn’t change the fact that I think you’re an amazing person. I came here to show you that I don’t care about our distance and differences.” He continued. “I care about you.”

Julian leaned in and kissed her plump lips. She kissed him back. No tongue. Just his lips feeling her soft petals. She opened her eyes and parted her lips from his. Was she ready for a relationship? She knew that’s what Julian would want. Was Julian the change she needed in life? It made her wonder.

“Let’s get spliffy!” Dyana released her lips from his. “Come on.”

Dyana grabbed Julian’s hand and her leather purse and rushed back upstairs to the living room, where DeMarcus was watching television.

“You smoking, De?” Dyana asked.

“No thanks, but I’m sure Brian will. He’ll be home soon.” DeMarcus declined. “You know which room is yours, right?”

“Of course, doll.” She joked. “Mind if Julian and I have a talk, for a bit?”

“Not at all, sweety.” He answered. “You two behave.”

Dyana proceeded towards the next flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs, she opened the first bedroom door, and they entered. Dyana released Julian, and quickly hopped on the big queen sized bed in the middle of the room.

“Shut the door, and quickly open the windows.” Dyana commanded.

Without question, Julian did as Dyana asked. While Dyana took off her shoes, then emptied the contents of her huge purse onto the bed. She pulled out her bag of green goodies and a Dutch, and quickly put her stuff back into her purse before Julian came over to the bed.

“Damn, that shit is loud, girl.” Julian complimented. “Your friend have any spray or something?”

“There should be some candles around here somewhere.” Dyana said. “Check inside the nightstands and the cabinets in the bathroom.”

Julian got back up and looked inside the nightstand draw, where there were in fact some scented candles. He pulled them out, lit them with a lighter he had in his pocket. He then went into the bathroom and pulled out more candles and lit them, as well. He walked back into the bedroom, as Dyana finished rolling up a blunt. She moved her purse to the foot of the bed, making room for him to have a seat.

“Get comfortable.” She smiled. “Relax.”

Julian winked and smiled back at her. He began taking off his sneakers, placing them to the side, then leaped onto the bed next to Dyana. She laid into a pillow and placed the blunt between her lips. Julian pulled out his lighter again and passed it to her.

“Thanks.” She mumbled, while sparking up.

She inhaled smoke and closed her eyes. Julian watched her smoke. He thought she was breathtaking. She slowly exhaled and opened her eyes. She caught Julian admiring her. She smiled again. He chuckled.

“You’re beautiful.” He began. “I’m sure you hear that all the time.”

“Not as often as you may think.” She inhaled once more, looking up at the ceiling. “But thank you.” She smiled again. “You’re not too bad looking yourself.” She pinched his freshly shaven cheek.

Julian laughed, swiping her hand away. Dyana inhaled more smoke before passing the blunt to Julian.

“I had fun that day.” Dyana said.

“We should do it again.” He smoked. “You’re fun to be with.”

“Yeah, we had just a little too much fun.” She said, biting her lip, anxiously.

“Sounds like a little bit of regret?” Julian questioned, passing the L.

“Things just got a little carried away.” She answered.

“We can take things slow, Dyana.” He suggested. “I’d always make time for you.”

“That’s not what I mean.” She inhaled. “I kind of had this celibacy thing going. But when I start drinking, it’s kind of hard to maintain my normalcy.”

“Not to be insensitive, but is drinking a problem for you?” He asked. “Your friend mentioned you were in an accident before.”

“The accident I was in, was no fault of my own.” Dyana hesitantly explained. “I woke up in the hospital a few months back.” She inhaled the blunt again. “And now, I’m working on being a different person than I was before. It hasn’t really been easy.”

“So tell me about it.” Julian suggested to her. “I want to know everything about you.”

“Trust me, Julian.” She said, passing the L to him again. “I wouldn’t even know where to begin to tell you how unpleasant my life has been. But maybe over time, I wouldn’t mind sharing with you.”

“Okay.” He smoked. “I can accept that. And along the way, you can get to know me too.”

Dyana grinned. “Good, now a change of subject, please.” She sinked into the bed. “So you’re here. I’m in awe.”

“I was hoping I could take you out to a nice dinner, or maybe a movie, or something.” Julian opened up. “But we have plenty of time for that.”

“I heard it’s suppose to rain later.” Dyana mentioned. “I don’t really want to get caught up in that.” She continued. “DeMarcus and Brian are suppose to have more of our friends coming over tonight. We usually drink, smoke and just have a blast.” She smiled. “You should stay, you’d enjoy it.”

“As long as I get to accompany you, then I’m sure it’ll be cool.” Julian said.

“Great.” She smiled, passing the blunt back.

Dyana and Julian continued smoking and talking, and laughing for the next hour, until she had to put her next load of clothes into the washing machine. They both got up off the bed and made their way downstairs into the basement to continue Dyana’s laundry. As they went through the living room, DeMarcus was still there, watching television.

“Hey D.D., Brian called and said he’ll be home in another hour.” DeMarcus stated. “We’re gonna go to the grocery and liquor store for our Friday night shindig.” He continued. “You and your friend gonna be cool here?”

“Yeah, we’re about to do my next load of clothes.” Dyana answered. “Wanna just get some more Dutches? I’m gonna call Antwann for another ounce.”

“Put in another order for Brian and I.” DeMarcus responded. “I’ll leave the money in the kitchen before I go.”

“Alright, got you.” She said. “I’ll call him in a few.”

Dyana and Julian proceeded back towards the laundry room, to continue her laundry. She moved her clothes from the washing machine, to the dryer. And she placed her second load of clothes in the washer, then set up the machines. She picked up a telephone, that was hanging on the wall, and began dialing numbers. Julian was posted against a wall, watching her. He liked watching her curvy body, bend over and her long thick hair fall in front of her face. He decided to come up behind her, as she placed the phone to her ear. He removed her hair, and tucked it behind her free ear, then began kissing her neck. She quickly turned around and looked at Julian. Just then her phone call began.

“Who’s this?” Answered a husky toned man.

“Twann, it’s D.D.” Dyana spoke into the phone. “I need two.”

“Aiight, where you at?” Antwann asked.

“Light yellow house.” She responded.

“Give me about a hour.” He declared. “Honk the horn when I’m around.”

“That’s fine.” She said. “Sorry I couldn’t text, my phone broke.”

“It’s nothing, mama.” He mentioned. “I figured, that much. I’ll holla.”

The phone disconnected, and Dyana quickly placed the phone back on the hook. She grabbed Julian by his shirt and pulled him closer to her. Julian pulled her face closer to his. She looked deeply into his eyes, and witnessed his eagerness. He parted his lips and placed them onto hers. She kissed him back. She felt comfortable, but things that she knew she would be capable of took over her mind. She quickly pushed him away.

“I’m sorry.” She spit out. “I don’t know if I can really do this.”

“What are you so afraid of?” Julian asked.

“I’m not like other girls, Julian.” She explained. “I’ll make you fall in love with me and make you go crazy.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “I don’t want to go down that route.”

“Okay, I’m totally lost, girl.” He chuckled in frustration. “What are you talking about?”

Dyana hesitated and pouted.

“C’mon, say something that makes sense.” He pushed. “Explain this craziness, because I want to get it.”

“That accident I was in…” She began. “He was really drunk,”

“What?!” Julian asked, confused.

“The accident that DeMarcus brought up before.” She continued. “My ex, he was really drunk. And for some reason, he loved to be drunk when he was with me.” She sighed. “We were on our way to our usual place. This hotel, on the East side of town. And we were arguing.” She chuckled. “Our usual way of communicating.”

“And what led to the accident?” Julian questioned.

“See, he was very territorial over me.” She addressed. “He had other women that he dealt with, but with me, he wouldn’t let me leave.” She proceeded. “He used to beat on me, especially when he was drinking.” She shook her head. “All I remember was him slapping me and then crashing right into a building.”

“What happened afterwards?” Julian asked.

“The car was completely totaled. We both lost consciousness.” She responded. “And I woke up in the hospital, almost six months later, barely remembering it all.” She continued. “I found out, that I had been pregnant, and lost the baby in the crash.”

“And what about your ex?” Julian asked. “Where’s he at?”

“Prison.” She answered. “He’s got five years for DUI/reckless driving, and attempted vehicular homicide.”

“Attempted?” Julian asked in shocked confusion. “Why attempted?”

“I don’t know. I was in a coma, during the trial.” She said. “And I guess my baby didn’t matter, because they couldn’t determine how far along I was to begin with.”

“I’m sorry, all of that happened to you, Dyana.” Julian apologized. “I truly am. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that.”

“It wasn’t just him. It was every one of my ex-boyfriends.” Dyana exclaimed. “Every relationship I’ve been in, has been tainted or abusive one way or another.” A tear sprinkled from her eye. “I don’t know if I can do it again.” She mumbled.

Just then DeMarcus, opened the laundry room door and interrupted their conversation.

“Hey D.D., Brian is here.” He exclaimed. “We’ll be back in a few, money is the silverware draw, ok?”

“Okaaay!” Dyana yelled back, wiping her tear from her face.

DeMarcus shut the door and Julian grabbed Dyana’s face.

“Dyana, I would never hurt you.” Julian declared. “I want to be your friend more than anything. The best relationships happen, when you’re friends.” He continued. “I promise, I’ll always be here for you. For any and every thing.” He stated. “But I can’t show you that, if you don’t allow me to.”

Dyana looked into Julian’s eyes. She felt he was sincere, in what he was saying, but she knew she had to tell him more about who she was and why men were always so quick to get close to her. Time, it would take more time, she thought.

“I’ll never judge you.” He continued. “Let’s go slow. We don’t have to rush things.” He hugged her. “We’ll just go with the flow.”

“I like the sound of that.” Dyana snuggled into his muscular body.

“I’m a patient guy, baby.” Julian admitted. “Two weeks ago, I was really feeling you. I enjoyed our time together.”

“I did too.” Dyana confessed.

“All that stuff that happened, I really didn’t want to go down, but it happened.” Julian pressed on. “It doesn’t mean I like you any less, or else I wouldn’t be here.”

Dyana looked up at Julian, and kissed his lips. She knew this guy was one of the good ones. And she wanted so badly to know what it was like to be with someone like him. She felt herself opening her soul to him, but she still had her underlying fears rummaging in the back of her mind. She brushed them off, and released her lips from his.

“I’m glad you came here after all.” She whispered. “There’s so much, I wish you already knew, so I didn’t have to tell you so much.”

“I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon.” He reassured her again. “I’m here with open arms and open ears.”

Dyana smiled. “C’mon, let’s go back upstairs.”

She grabbed Julian’s hand and they ran back upstairs into the bedroom. Dyana hopped into the bed, as Julian quickly closed the door behind them.

“Come here.” Dyana flirted, flipping her thick hair out of her face.

Julian did as he was told and approached Dyana. She pulled him by his shirt, closer to her and kissed his lips. She fell into the bed, bringing him down with her.

“I thought you wanted to take things slow?” Julian asked, quickly parting his lips from hers.

“I do.” She chuckled. “Just go with the flow, Julian.”

Julian smiled, and began kissing her again.


…Please Stand By; There’s More To Come!