Baby Grinch

I met Baby Grinch while he was working as a security guard at a medical center. He was tall at six feet, dark, chubby and adorable. I tease him now, saying that he looks like the Baby Grinch from the Jim Carrey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Every time I had an appointment at the medical center, he made sure he spoke to me. Even when I was not in a good mood.

One Thursday morning, I lit up a cigarette before entering the building. Lawrence walked out the building and walked towards me.

“You can’t smoke in front of the building, gorgeous.” He said, walking towards me. “Come with me.”

He began walking towards the back of the building where all of the parking was. I continued smoking my cigarette, as he stood there with me.

“Why do you always look so pissed off when you come here? You’re too beautiful for that!” He confessed.

“It’s just my face. I’m not pissed all the time, I swear.” I admitted. “Resting bitch face.”

“Well, what puts a smile on that face?” He asked.

“One, I rarely get enough of and the other a fat ass blunt.” I answered.

“Well, maybe we can have that blunt one day.”

“You think that’s a good idea? I don’t want to get you fired!” I reassured.

“What my job doesn’t know won’t hurt.” He passed me his cell phone. “What’s your number beautiful?”

I type in my phone information, and pass it back to him.

“You going upstairs for a group?” He asked.

“Yeah, unfortunately.” I say putting out my cigarette, and begin walking towards the entrance.

“Gimme a minute to do my rounds then I’m gonna text you.” He said, following behind me.

“Alright.” I smile.

We entered the building and he pressed the elevator button for me. The doors opened and I walk in.

“Wait for my text, hun.” He reassures me.

I nod, as the doors close and I go to my meeting. Sure enough, about fifteen minutes later, I receive a text message from Lawrence. From that day on, my life changed drastically.


About two weeks passed, before we finally got to hang out. He had just clocked out of work from the medical center and had an hour to kill before going to his next security location. I had just finished getting dressed for the warm spring weather, when I received a call from him.

“Sweetheart, where in Hamden do you live?”

“Take a left at the Hess gas station and go down two blocks and take a right on Murray Street. It’s the second white house on the corner.”

“Alright, be there in about five minutes.” He said before hanging up.

I check my reflection in the mirror, spray on my favorite Beyonce fragrance, pick out some big dark sunglasses and grabbed my purse. A few moments later, Lawrence texts me that he was outside. I put on lip gloss and my sandals and head out the door.

Lawrence was in his Mercury truck, blasting a Rick Ross album. I get into his truck and we hug.

“MMM. You smell good girl.” He complimented. “What you wearing?”

“Beyonce Heat.” I answer.

“You always smell good though.”

“I like to switch it up.”

Lawrence starts the engine and starts driving toward SCSU.

“You smoke yet?” He asked, turning the stereo down.

“No, I didn’t have a dutch.”

“I got you.”

We ended up parking in the middle of the brick apartments over on Blake Street in New Haven. He turned off the engine and pulled out a bag of weed and a dutch from his center console. I turn the radio back up a bit and roll my window down to feel the breeze.

“What’s that?” I asking about the weed.

“To be honest, I’m not quite sure, sweetheart. I got this from my boy. But I can assure you, it ain’t Reggie.”

I smile.

“You probably only smoke Sour.” He joked.

“Well everyone loves Sour. My favorite is Blue Dream though.”

“Dream is nice.” He began to seal the blunt. “What else you like?”

“Strawberry Cough, Kush, Haze, Pineapple Express, Purple Nurple, Strawberry Shortcake… I could go on for days!” I explained.

“Oh, so you know your shit, huh?”

“I been doing this since I was seventeen. I know enough.” I expressed.

Lawrence put fire to the blunt and inhaled smoke. A car pulls into the parking lot.

“You sure we good smoking back here?” I ask cautiously.

“Yeah, I got peoples that live here.” He answered, passing me the blunt.

I noticed a big thick gold ring on his left ring finger, as I grabbed the weed.

“That’s a beautiful ring.” I mention, hitting the weed.

“Thank you. I’m married.” He says nonchalant.

“Married?” I asked in confusion.


“You didn’t mention you were married before!” I explain.

“I apologize sweetheart, but yes, I’m married.”

And of course, my heart sank. Here we go again, I thought. Another claimed brother that’s attracted to me. It was just pure luck. After just finding out that the man I was truly in love with, was still sleeping with the mother of his child. I wasn’t sure I could handle another man that was in a relationship.

“I thought you knew.” He proceeded.

“No, I didn’t.” I reassured as I passed the weed back. “How long?”

“How long what?”

“How long have you been married?”

“A few years now. We’ve been together for a decade though.” He replied.

“That’s what’s up.” I pout.

“You really didn’t know? You really just noticed my ring?” He questioned.

“No, I really just noticed that.”

“I’m sorry. Is that going to be a problem, though?”

“It kind of is, if you look at the situation.”

“How? We’re just friends. Smoking and chillen.” He said, passing the blunt again.” We haven’t done anything wrong.”

The devil began dancing in my bones. I wanted to say something slick, but I kept my mouth shut and held my composure. I hit the blunt and exhaled out of the window.

“Besides I know you got a man!” He blurted out.

I chuckled. “I don’t know what to call him anymore.” I said, as my mind began to roam towards my bastard ex-boyfriend.

“What you mean?”

“I found out he’s still with his baby mother. I don’t know what to do with that situation anymore.” I explained.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.” He ejected the CD in his stereo and changed it to Meek Mill Dreamchasers 2. “Here, let’s talk about something else and change the vibe. I don’t want to put that mean look back on your face.”

I smile at his joke, take another hit off the weed, then pass the blunt back.

“I just have to ask. If you’re married, why you want my number?” I peaked into his head.

“I need me a smoke partner.” He insisted. “I never had a beautiful smoke buddy before.”

I chuckle again. “What if she found out about me? Then what?”

“I’ll tell her the truth.”

“OK. Can’t argue with that.”

“Sweetheart, I’m never going to lie to you. I’ll always keep it 100 with you.” He promised.

“I hope so. I don’t need anymore drama in my life.”

“I don’t like drama myself. And it won’t come from me.”

“Fair enough.” I say, as I receive a text message from my best friend.

He passed the weed back to me. And I smoke as I respond to the text message.

“You mind dropping me off somewhere?”

“Where you gotta go?”

“West Haven, but I won’t take you out of your way! Downtown is fine.”

“Where in West Haven? I got you.” He demanded.

“Campbell Ave.”

Lawrence started the engine and we pulled off heading towards Downtown West Haven. We finished smoking the weed along the way. When we finally reached the destination, we pulled into the parking lot of a bar, I frequently went to with my best friend and where I met my ex. He parked the car into a vacant spot in the back.

“Thank you for the ride.” I said pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. “I appreciate it.”

“I wasn’t gonna let you wait at no bus stop.” He flirted.

“Why not?” I exhaled smoke.

“You look too good to be waiting downtown.”

“You saying anything now.” I play back.

“So when can we do this again?” He asked.

“Just hit me up. I’ll let you know if I’m around.”

“Aiight, cool.” He stared at me.

“What?” I ask.

“I’m not even going to lie, but your lips are sexy as fuck. I want to taste them.”

I smirk and chuckle in shock, at his statement. I pretty much knew he had a slight crush, but I didn’t expect him to mention it at all.

“Nigga, we just established you have a wife.” I spat at him.

“And you have a man!” He spat back. “I just want a kiss!”

I toss my cigarette out the window. Then I lean over and place a gentle kiss on his lips. I go to pull away, but he grabs my face and kisses me again with a little bit of tongue. I release my face from his and stare into his eyes.

“They’re soft as they look.” He complimented.

I laugh low. “Thanks again for the ride.” I proceed to open the car door.

“We gonna do this again?” He asked.

“Hit me up.” I say, exiting his car.

“Aiight.” He started the engine. “You have a great afternoon, sweetheart.”

I start walking out of the parking lot and into one of the stores of the plaza. He drives off and honks the horn at me as he passes by.
A few months passed, and it was now summer. Lawrence and I became regular smoke session friends. And when I had to attend my meetings at the medical center, we would sneak kisses to each other.

It was a Friday night, and one of my best friend’s friends was throwing a little house party by Hillhouse High School on County Street in New Haven. While we were getting dressed, Lawrence and I were texting. He was on his way back to New Haven from one of his security jobs. Just as we were about to walk out her house, he called.

“Where’s this party?” He asked, when I answered the phone.

“Over by Hillhouse.”

“Where you at now?”

“The Ville on Winchester and Division.”

“Science Park?” He asked. “I’m coming right now to pick yall up. Don’t go anywhere.”

“OK.” I said, then he hung up. “Lawrence is gonna give us a ride.” I tell my homegirl.

“Cool.” She says.

We stopped walking and waited for Lawrence.

“This is ‘Married Lawrence’?” She asked, mentioning his code name from all the stories I told about him.

“Yes.” I laughed.

No longer than a minute later, Lawrence came down the street. We both entered his vehicle and I introduced my friends. Then I gave him directions to the party. As we proceeded down the one-way street towards the house party, I caught Lawrence glancing at me.

“What?” I asked.

“Let’s go somewhere real quick.” He demanded. “I’ll bring you right back.”

“Yall go ahead.” My best friend says. “Text me when you on your way back!”

“Alright. Let’s go.” I say.

My best friend gets out of the car and walked into the party. Lawrence drives to the dead end and turns the car around.

“Where we going?” I ask.

“No questions, just sit back and let me drive.”

I relax in the passenger seat and watch as we turn down the road going towards the back parking lot of the medical center where he does security. He parks the car, and shuts off the engine. He grabs his bag of weed and a dutch from the center console and exits the car. I open the car door and get out too. He starts walking towards the medical center entrance.

“What are we doing here?” I nervously ask.

He pulls out his keys to the medical center and unlocks the building.

“Are you sure we should be here?” I whisper.

“Shhhsh.” He says, as he holds the door open for me. “Watch me work.”

I did as I was told and entered the building. It looked no different as during the day. The only difference was that the lights were dim and the halls were clear of people. Lawrence grabbed my hand and we proceeded down an unfamiliar hall that I’ve never been through before. There was a play center or classroom for children with cubby closets and seats. The room light was dim and it felt chilly.

“Stay right here, I’ll be right back.” He said, as he unlocked the door and checked the room.

I sat down in a chair outside the room and played on my cell phone as I waited. He came back out of the room and he brushed right pass me. I continued my cell phone use, waiting. After about ten minutes, Lawrence came back and grabbed my hand and took me to the security room. The room was pitch black. From no where he turned on a flashlight and aimed it at a computer. He moved the mouse to the desktop and waited for the screen to light up. He shut off the flashlight and closed and locked the room. He pulled out a computer chair for me and a computer chair for himself. He began rolling up a spliff and I got nervous again.

“My nigga, you really about to have us smoking at your job?” I asked.

“I run this shit.” He expressed. “I can air it out.”

I chuckled, sat back in the chair, and watched him roll the weed in the little bit of light there was. He sealed the blunt closed and lit it up. He took a few puffs, then passed it to me. I hit it a few times then passed it back.

“It’s kinda loud. You sure you can get rid of the smell?”

Lawrence turned around and rummaged through one of the desk drawers and pulled out air freshener and sprayed a little.

“Does that make you feel better?” He reassured me.

“There isn’t a window you can open to air it out?”

“I’ll open the exit door that’s right there, once this L gets low.” He inhaled smoke.

“OK, then that’s cool.” I relaxed.

We continued smoking the weed. Once the L got low, he did as he promised and opened the office door and the exit door to let some air into the room. He sprayed more air freshener and we chilled in the hallway by the exit door. I leaned up against the brick wall and lit up a cigarette.

“This what you wear to a party?” He asked observing my outfit.

I wore tight skinny jeans, a black low cut v-neck T-shirt, black strappy sandals and my hair slicked up in a donut bun. I looked down at myself and back up at Lawrence.

“What’s wrong with my outfit?”

“Them titties busting out that shirt is my only problem!” He mentioned.

“Is that a bad thing or good thing?” My bad bitch instincts kicked in.

Lawrence pulled himself closer to me. He placed his hand on one of my breasts and began massaging it through my shirt. I took a pull off my cigarette and exhaled smoke, turning my head to the side, so it wouldn’t contact his face. He took the cigarette from my hand, took a few pulls and put it out. He kissed my lips and pulled both my breasts out from my shirt and bra. I watched as he tickled my nipples with his tongue. I moaned as he began to suck. It felt good. And since I hadn’t been touched by my boyfriend in months, it was the best feeling at that moment.

“MMM. You’re so soft and sweet.” He said.

He began licking and sucking again. I was getting hot and bothered and the weed clouding my head, didn’t help much either. We both felt my phone vibrate through my jeans and he pushed himself away from me. I adjusted myself and pulled out my cell phone to check it. He closed the exit door and locked it. He grabbed my hand and we went back into the security room. The desktop computer was still lit up and we sat back down in our seats. He moved his chair closer to me and began to whisper.

“Take your shirt off.” He placed his hands on my thighs. “I want to see those twins again.”

I smiled and did as I was told. I put my cell down on the other computer desk, turned around and pulled my shirt over my head. I pulled my breast back out from my bra. My nipples were still erect. He pulled my body closer to his again and continued sucking on my chest. I let my head back and enjoyed myself. We had been flirting and making out for months, and this was the turning point of our friendship. I massaged the back of his head as he tongue tickled my titties.

“Let me see what that tongue does down there!” I whispered in his ear.

He released my boob from his mouth. Picked me up out the chair, kicked the chairs out the way and placed me on the floor of the office. He tugged at button and zipped on my jeans and pulled them off. He slid off my panties and placed my legs over his shoulders. He began teasing me by kissing my inner thighs first. I laid there, closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride I was taking. He began kissing my honey pot and I lost my mind. I let out a moan and massaged his bald head again as he went savage on my kitty. I held my composure and kept my moaning low.

After about fifteen minutes, he lifted his head up and pulled a chair over and sat in it. I breathed heavily, trying to come back to my senses. I lifted my body off the floor and looked at him in the chair.

“Put those lips to work.” He insisted.

I laughed, got on my knees and crawled over to him. The desktop light faded and darkened the room. He moved the mouse again, and the room lit back up. I knelt down on the floor in front of him and I unzipped his work pants and pulled his dick out. I observed it and got slightly disappointed. He wasn’t as big as I was hoping, but I knew he wasn’t going to be much of a challenge in the oral sex department.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I said, as I massaged him in my hand. “You promise you won’t get addicted?”

“Addicted?” He asked in confusion.

I put him inside my mouth and sucked. He began jumping and holding onto the arms of the desk chair, moaning loud.

“FUCK!” He moaned.

I continued doing my thing. Massaging his balls and jerking him in my hand, as well. He placed his hand on the back of my head in pleasure. I looked up at him and his head was tilted back in ecstasy.

“Damn.” He screamed as he began jumping up again.

I ejected him out of my mouth. He sat back into the chair and grabbed his dick in his hand. He began busting a nut, right there in his hand.

“YOOO, how the fuck you do that?” He erupted.

I giggled. I knew how skilled I was, but I wasn’t expecting him to bust as quick as he did. He held onto himself and I watched him lose control. I giggled again, and raised up off the office floor to put my clothes back on. Lawrence grabbed some tissue from a box and cleaned himself off. My phone rang again, on the desk. I quickly finished fixing myself up, as did Lawrence. I grabbed my cell phone off the desk and checked my messages. He placed the chairs back into the desks and we exited the room. He locked the door, then grabbed my hand, and walked over to the elevator. We took the elevator to the second floor.

“I just have to check the doors upstairs and then we out.”

I nodded, as we got off the elevator. We passed the familiar office that I frequently visited during the week. He pulled at the doors to make sure they were still locked. As we turned down the hall, it was darker than the rest of the building. I grabbed Lawrence’s arm and held onto him. We walked down the hall, checking each locked door. We approached the last door of the hall. He checked the door, locked. I began to walk back down the hall. Lawrence tugged my arm and pulled me closer to him. He grabbed my face and kissed my lips. He picked my body up, wrapping my legs around his hips and he threw me against the wall, still kissing.

“Those lips are incredible, girl!” He whispered.

“You hooked already?” I flirted back.

“How can a nigga not be?” He stated.

“You want to do it again?” I ask.

“Hell yeah.” He said, putting me down. “It’s hard to tell you no after that!”

I laugh. “I need to get to this party.”

“Your girl keep checking on you?” He asked.

“Yeah. She making sure you ain’t gonna kidnap me!”

We began walking back down the dark hallway towards the elevator.

“One day I might have to.” He joked.

We got back onto the elevator and reached the first floor. He began checking the rest of the doors and then we exited through the front door and headed back to his truck. We got in and he started the engine and pulled out the parking lot. He went down the couple of blocks back to County Street and cruised down the one-way again. I sparked up another cigarette as we got closer to the house party which was now in full effect.

“You know you not allowed to leave with no niggas!” He insisted.

“Why, because you say so?” I joke.

“Damn right!”

I roll my eyes. “You just in ya feelings right now. It’ll pass.” I insisted.

“I’m serious. I’ll come back here and check you.”

“Whatever.” I open the car door.

“Aiight, make me have to come back here!”

“You have a wife to check up on.” I reminded him, as I exited the vehicle. “You suppose to check her, not me!”

“I got you.” He rolled down the passenger window. “Yo, be on the look for me next week.”

I nodded and walked toward the party.

Since that night, Lawrence and I have had many adventurous play dates for the past three years. He hasn’t let his wife find out about us. And we always have the funniest and realest conversations. To say that I’m not in love with Lawrence is a lie. Yes, I know I will never be able to have a real relationship with him. Nor do I want to really have one with him. But we have a great understanding and respect for our special friendship. Better than the rest of my other male friends. Sometimes, I wish the rest of my relationships worked out like my relationship with Lawrence. But you win some and lose some.

Dirty Dyana

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