I’m Different

So many ideas. So little time. Added some creative things to this little thing. Haven’t been in a writing mood. But I’ve been in great spirits. Surprisingly enough, I can finally WOOSAH for a moment. Been thinking about getting back into trying the whole YouTube gig. I’m diving for spotters. So far I only have my old trusty AJ. I been thinking about writing a tale about him in my Dyana series, but then again some things should be kept to myself. I rather spare those details for the camera life, if it ever happens. I am back to working on my updated portfolio. Of course, there’s a minor glitch. I found my SanDisk flash drive but my dumbass made all my vaults password protected, and I can’t figure out all of the passwords. Fuck my life! However, I was able to crack some of the codes and I found some of my other stories. Even after digging through a bunch of boxes and found old notebooks too. These stories on my flash drive, were the reasons I started taking my writing more seriously, way back when. So maybe I’ll double my recovery workload on adding more stories, content and blasting my ideas from outer space. Or my secret little world. My mind is on a whole new level. I hope everyone is tuned in to the show…

I’m Different

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