Fight The Power

Games? No longer into those. Challenges, definitely! Let’s go and bring it on! Anyone willing to come and attack my stubbornness, please let your momma know how to dress you for your funeral ahead of time. You will get creamed. ‘Cause Wu Jaydddde ain’t nothin to fuck with! CTFU! If you are willing to put me in a situation where it has to be debatable, or in ghetto terms, come for me, you will be put in your place. I’m always on my P’s & Q’s, baby. My mouth is icy and sometimes quite reckless. At least lately, I haven’t been hostile about it. *pats back* There’s no need to anymore. I’m good on you. And now I’m going to show you which is better than having to tell you! Because if shit got out of hand, because you’d get into your feelings, because let’s face it, the truth is a hard pill to swallow and if you put your hands on me… My hands will react, and that’s something you definitely do not want! You have been warned! Look, I’m putting it in writing now! I’m being responsible about it. And if it gets recorded, GREAT, even better. I need a LAWSUIT! I need a reason to corrupt pockets just as mine have been. Even this inadequate judicial system wants a piece of me. Let’s go motherfuckers! The internet is a beautiful invention and Google is a great buddy. And after reconnecting with people who know their shit is a great benefit as well. So when I drop that Affidavit, Supreme Court, and delegation of authority knowledge onto their front door step and they attempt to knock me down, I’m not for it anymore! All of it is OVER! And I mean it! After that, it’s the World I want to conquer! Tell Donald I want to be his stylist and give him a pretty black & blue.

Fight The Power

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