More D.D. Chronicles

In typical Dyana fashion, she’s had an adventurously dangerous weekend. After spending time with her dudes, another real life story developed onto the literature page. The official page post is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:24AM, just in case it says the link isn’t found.

As I wrote, I couldn’t stop focusing on the past again! Rihanna’s Needed Me would come on and I’d want to relate! How could I give my all to a man who couldn’t give it in return? Now the only way I can see him is by viewing Facebook pages or reading Good Girl.

Why did he have to text and call me a few weeks back? Why did we have to argue? It’s not fair that he knows, that I know that he wants the both of us. I wonder if she knows. I’d be ok with it. I know she wouldn’t be! Little did she know she was sharing him for five years. Why doesn’t he want to leave? Why do I still feel so incomplete? Why does he invade my dreams but won’t face our reality?

Communication is hard when you don’t have the right words to form into a sentence. I just want him to listen and understand my frustration. And even if it never happens, I’ll always have paper and a pen at hand. One day soon, someone is gonna listen and get what he and everyone else has been missing!

More D.D. Chronicles

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